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  • Uganda a Conservative Tyranny

    Virunga Mountains

    Yoweri Museveni

    Multiparty politics in Uganda will continue to be a bad smell because the tyrant has rendered the power of the ballot ineffective, while his Personal Doctor Kizza Besigye has found it easier to construct a new party, the party of the people's anger than to rise within the circles[NRM Criminal cartel] and head it. Fellow Ugandans, Why did it take long for Kizza Besigye to throw conscience to the devil, when a simple woman like Alice Lakwena could see the Devil in Museveni?

    Alice Lakwena

    When Uganda was sleeping in Bed with Tyrant Museveni; Museveni's Political commissar Kizza Besigye, manufactured a negative campaign against Mama Alice Lakwena as some deluded christian fundamentalist with an intent to rule uganda by the Holly spirit. Still, Lakwena had a good judgement about Museveni than his personal Doctor and friend did.
    Fellow Ugandans, would you want a person with a poor judgement, to be your next President? Think about it!!!!

    Free Uganda
  • Being dumped by a ugandan Man

    Virunga Mountains

    Some Ugandan girls have been asking me, "Ehh jo, how do you handle being dumped by a man, some advice would be much appreciated." I get loads of these type of request.. as if I work in pussy!


    Okey this is the deal; my minimal advice will help you to get back in the saddle. I know, ideally, you'll be sitting there thinking that you're a sophisticated, modern, ugandan woman who understands that life isn't a bed of roses and not all love is requited.


    Have you been done by a Ugandan Boy?
    Because it's rare to find one who doesn't dump.
    Most can't even bother to mention that your loving relationship has ended.
    They kinda of disappear leaving your matoke brains to figure it out.
    You call his Mobilo and he doesn't pick up. You leave a nice friendly message to which any descent Ugandan, normal man would respond by calling you back that evening and the Stupid Kampala boy doesn't call either!

    To Be continued!

    Free Uganda