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Indigenous Uganda

  • Yoweri Museveni Killers Kill Over 800 Innocent Ugandans

    Virunga Mountains

    This does not surprise some of us that have been following and cataloguing the horrendous crimes of the notorious Rwandan born turned Uganda Dictator; Tibuhaburwa Buzariranwa aka. Yoweri Museveni-sometimes referred too, as Yoseri Kayibanda.

    As he continues to carry out a social genocide on the Batwa "Pygmy" of Uganda after ethically cleansing them from their ancestral natural habitats, the rain forest. He has now returned to his old barbaric craftsmanship, of butchering another minority group known as the Bakonjo, just like how he used to murder the Acoli people of northern Uganda and blame it on Joseph Kony and LRA. Today, Ugandans are now waking up from their deep slumber and realising how all along their hero is not what they always thought he was, but a hardcore murderer.

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  • Yoweri Museveni Steals Uganda Oil

    Virunga Mountains

    why should it only be Yoweri Museveni to have the sole ownership and benefit of it? When the opportunity arises, all the Uganda Nation Pagans, should be shot at first sight!

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  • Uganda needs Real Change and not Kizza Besigye!

    Virunga Mountains


    Why do Ugandans have to put up with a rotten government made of thieves and proffesional criminals, are soldiers today cowards to topple such a regime, or has UPDF become an Army of cowards[girls] and they fear to die? Cowards will never be known by anyone because they will die losers!

    Fellow Ugandans, if you're waiting for Kizza Besigye and his FDC to liberate you, just continue sleeping and dreaming because Besigye and Museveni are the same people[sadists]: The GAVI thief "Gen" Jim Muhwezi, Chats with Besigye three times in a week. FDC are left-overs of museveni and their chief mobilisers, Mugisha Muntu, murdered many Ugandans in Cold Blood and he enjoys breaking people's knee-caps.That's why many young people went into exile during 1989 & 1990, to escape his brutality,[he suffocated many ugandans of Rwandese and Luo Origin] Do we really want to go backward or forwards? Fellow Ugandans, think about it!!

    We call upon the Female Gold-diggers Brigade, to start being active...the holiday is over, Saa ya Kazi!
    How to exploit politicians

    How to exploit politicians

    How to exploit politicians

    Don't forget to memorise his Debit card numbers, both in the front and back[the 4 digits]!!

    Free Uganda
  • Yoweri Museveni is Ready for CHOGM 2007

    Virunga Mountains

    Yoweri Museveni
    Uganda Critical Media
    Tyrant Yoweri Museveni the Darling of Western imperialism, has been asked to celebrate Colonialism[CHOGM] in Uganda as a gesture for his genocidal activities around the continent of Africa[5million dead in Congo, Rwanda, Uganda and Sudan]. Children denied the right to be immunised because of greed, etc.
    Yes, in the New world of Genocidals, the people don't matter anymore but corporations and War Crime dividends is the norm. Today, you might have the might to manipulate the world with mis-information but you'll never have the capacity to wipe our pain!

    May The Souls of those Children, Mothers, Sons, Daughters, Brothers, Fathers, etc. that have been Murdered in cold blood in the name of Profit, Rest in Peace!!

    Uganda Critical Media

    Tyrant Museveni can just let you die a slow death in one of the infamous "safe houses" [Political prisoners under museveni die a very slow and painful death because he does not believe in the Judicial system]
    Yoweri Museveni is Ready for CHOGM 2007

    Free Uganda
  • Uganda Land is not for Sale to Capitalists!

    Virunga Mountains

    Idi Amin Dada

    Free Uganda
  • Uganda news

    Virunga Mountains


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  • Uganda militiamen escape with guns

    Virunga Mountains

    By Tabu Butagira & Jamal Abdi

    YUMBE - Eighty-six Local Defence Unit (LDU) recruits have run off with guns days after being armed by the army.

    The trainees were part of 872 LDUs who had just completed a three-month basic military course at Lugore UPDF Infantry training school in Aswa County, north of Gulu town.

    They had been moved to Yumbe District awaiting official pass out, when they ran away.
    Capt. Henry Okwanga, the commandant of the school, said on Saturday the deserters sneaked out at night a week ago.

    While presenting 786 trainees for commissioning by the Army Commander, Lt. Gen. Aronda Nyakairima at Yumbe Boma Grounds on Saturday, Okwanga said 55 of the escapees were from Yumbe, 21 from Arua and 10 from Koboko.

    News of the escape has caused panic in West Nile, which in the recent past, had been combed by state agencies for suspected People's Redemption Army (PRA) rebels and arms.

    The Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence and Joint Anti-Terrorism squad unearthed subversive activities in West Nile in November 2004 and said then that the PRA was recruiting its fighters from the region and training them in the jungles of the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.

    The detectives picked at least 26 PRA suspects in the region in the four-month crack-down that ended in February this year and recovered a stockpile of arms and other rebel training kits, mainly from Yumbe District and Koboko.

    But Nyakairima said he still believes the missing LDUs had briefly moved home to visit their families and enjoy better food and would soon return to duty.

    "In case there is an enemy who has taken them away, they (deserters) are wasting their time because we shall get them anyway," he said.

    A reliable security source said seven of the guns the fugitives had, had been recovered from Lodonga (in Yumbe) on Friday.

    Nyakairima ordered his commanders not to reprimand the absconders if they come back voluntarily but said they should search and arrest them immediately in the event that the fugitives fail to turn up willingly.

    The Commanding Officer of the 4th Division, Col. Nathan Mugisha, said he believes some rogues could have been recruited to join the special militia due to improper screening by LCs and recruitment officers.

    President Yoweri Museveni last year ordered the army to build a new battalion of LDUs in the West Nile region to respond to the security threat.
    Nyakairima said the new LDUs, to be called West Nile Taskforce, would act as an auxiliary force to the regular army, serve as frontier guards to maintain peace and security in their respective localities and gather intelligence information for UPDF.

    "Please, you young girls and boys (LDUs), do not misuse these guns we have given you. Respect and help the wanainchi where necessary and do not abuse local leaders," he said.

    He ordered them to avoid alcohol because "it does not go well with the gun".
    "Avoid reckless sexual behaviour that could lead you to contracting the deadly Hiv/Aids because we do not want you to die young," he advised.

    He announced that each of the LDUs would be paid Shs60,000 monthly and were entitled to medical care, two pairs of uniforms and boots each year beside daily food rations of half kilogramme of posho (maize flour) and 300 grammes of beans.
    He handed out wrapped prizes to the best performers.

    He explained that following the pressure the UPDF exerted on LRA bases in Southern Sudan through Operation Iron Fist, intelligence information suggests that the LRA was trying to coordinate their activities across the Nile by linking up with the PRA that had established bases in the area.

    re-published from Monitor media

    Free Uganda
  • Uganda is worse than Darfur

    Virunga Mountains

    People's Media and Agency:

    Dictator Yoweri Museveni is busy playing peace-maker in africa-sending peace troops to Somalia, Sudan and also decieving the international community that everything is okey and they should come and invest in uganda. Oh dear, dear! How can you invest in a country that uses a Nazi social program against 4 million of its own defenceless population?

    The international community and politicians in uganda should be ashamed of themselves for just seating in their air-conditioned offices doing nothing on the suffering of an entire people. We are calling upon all descent people to take to the streets of uganda in solidarity with the people of northern uganda! We are very convienced that foreign refugees in other camps are being looked after better than our own brothers and sisters in museveni's concentration camps. FDC, UPC, DP, etc. Forget about anti- 3rd term demos, think of the children, women, men and the future generation of Northern uganda!!

    "Anne Richard, the IRC's vice president of government relations and advocacy, briefed the Human Rights Caucus of the House of Representatives Thursday on the toll the war between the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the Ugandan government is taking on the civilian population in northern Uganda.

    Richard told the representatives that the number of Ugandans displaced from their homes has almost tripled in the last two years, to about 1.4 million. Human rights abuses—including forced abduction, murder, rape, and the use of children as combatants by both sides—are pervasive.

    Richard cited an urgent need to facilitate a peaceful resolution to the conflict, provide protection for civilians, and ensure that significant funding is available for humanitarian programs. She quoted an IRC colleague who said the situation in northern Uganda is worse than Darfur, where the ongoing humanitarian crisis has received far more public attention and international aid, and offered several recommendations:"


    U.N. Emergency Relief Coordinator Jan Egeland compared the situation to the well-publicised problems in Sudan's Darfur region.
    "If they go out (of camps), they are killed as much, or raped as much or worse as in Darfur, by the Lord's Resistance Army and others," Egeland said in a recent statement.

    Museveni has rejected the comparison, but that hasn’t stopped aid workers continuing to make it.

    “One hundred percent of the population is affected by this kind of crisis -- it’s huge,” Gael Griette, an expert covering Uganda for the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid Office (ECHO), told AlertNet.

    Griette said that the entire rural population of Acholiland was in displacement camps.

    “People have been cut off from their livelihoods, cut off from everything. They are in camps with nothing, and insecurity is very high,” he said.

    “In terms of magnitude and acuteness we can compare what is going on in Northern Uganda to Darfur.

    “What is very different between the two crises is the way it is addressed in terms of funding, humanitarian agencies being present in the field, and on top of all it is very different in the way it is being covered in the media.”

    Griette said one of the reasons northern Uganda did not get much media coverage was because the LRA had been terrorising the local population for so long that the crisis was seen as old news.

    “But this is short-sighted because the crisis has tripled in terms of the number of people affected and multiplied by five or six in terms of acuteness in the past two years -- more or less the same time as the Darfur crisis,” he said.

    "Perhaps one approach is to build on growing interest among US officials, media and public in Sudan and the Darfur crisis and try to adopt a broader, regional perspective,” Richard said. “We should consider how to help people on both sides of the Sudan/Uganda border. Without a doubt, though, the key is greater U.S. support for peace and protection programs."
    Profile of those involved in this tragedy

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