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Anarchism is not a far leftist ideology

Virunga Mountains

Anarchism is a political philosophy that has permeated popular culture all the while being stigmatised as a far leftist ideology focusing on violence and unsocial behaviour, disruption of the status quo and a general rejection of modern capitalist ideology.

Anarchists often attempt to convey their unhappiness and further their goals of political dissent through collective and individual forms of activism. Mainly focusing on the inequality present within society, particularly the hierarchical organisation and institutionalised power relations that enforce these hierarchies, anarchists denounce the State in all forms and seek equality through self-government.

Anarchist societies are situated on a basis of direct democracy, in which a consensus process is established. This consensus process is created by the people and is used to directly project the need and desires, the political action that everyone can come to some agreement or compromise on.

Within an already established state run society the anarchist movements can use this consensus process as a means of creating a counterpower of anarchist institutions within the original state, to ultimately oppose the established forms of power and the market system inherent in the state in order to create a revolution seeking to overthrow it.

These counterpowers can emerge in a number of different forms, from self governing communities to radical labour unions to popular militias.

To Be Continued....

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