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  • Uganda Art

    Virunga Mountains

    Uganda 3D Art

    In this issue, I'll continue from where I stopped  last time...

    This Art is not the usual stuff I normally do, its just that I'm trying to escape from the mindset of my usual work(3D Animation). I wanted to put out some stuff, so that Ugandan students of Animation at Makerere university can be inspired to do dark 3D art. Uganda Art

    armada of futuristic transporters Uganda Art

    Uganda art

    In this piece, I was inspired by Professor Stephen W. Hawking, life in the universe documentary, Maybe some planets have life and no gravity-everything just floats, while the ground spins, endlessly-I reckon with such planet, the technology could be 1 million years superior than ours. African Art

    African art

    Outer space station Uganda 3D art

    Uganda art

    Uganda art


    Uganda art

    Uganda art

    maybe, on some planets this is how they eat... African Artr

    Maybe, this could be the way people on other planets go to toilet-a bit like barbecuing oneself... African Art

    African Art

    transportation on planets similar to ours could be something like this...

     African modern art

    Maybe..maybe, some planets could look like this.  In next issue, I'll try to imagine how the people(Aliens) might live...

    To be continued

    Free Uganda
  • Uganda elections: All Candidates are Opportunistic

    Virunga Mountains

    The Uganda 2011 elections are more of legalising a war criminal by the ugandan opportunistic elites(the genocidal is being endorsed through the ballot) than regime change, and seeking justice for the crimes that have been committed by the incumbent. In fact, when you look at who is who, contesting for the presidency, they're more like flies fighting for shit-its all about who gets something from the shit, they all stink. Shamelessly, some candidates are even prepared to forgive the war criminal for the genocide that has left almost six million Africans dead in Uganda, Congo-RDC,Sudan, Rwanda, Somalia, Central African republic,etc.

    The so called main challenger of genocidal Yoweri Museveni(Kizza Besigye) is a replica of the genocidal, he has nothing new to offer Ugandans but the same..same, crap of corruption, militarism, run down services, rot n' decay, violence, nepotism,etc.

    None of the candidates[all] has a social program for Ugandans, but loads of tosh theory that is not even applicable to the dynamics of present-day Uganda, in fact, their main sponsorship are right wing capitalists that hate the poor and the oppressed-you know the lot that put bankers before society. To be Continued....

    Free Uganda