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  • The Paul Kagame way in Rwanda

    Virunga Mountains

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    Criminal Paul Kagame has discovered a new insurance Scam. The scam involves putting certain properties on the insurance market and then you burn them to claim huge sums of money, usually paid in dollars. However, in a transparent market, the insurance investigators would spend a great time investigating the cause of the fires. But this is not the case in Paul Kagame's Yoyo land, as the investigators and the arsonists work for Paul Kagame. Its believed that,the new scam is a mastermind of Nigerian mafia.

    The burning of Rwanda has not started today, but a well planned and calculated crime, by Paul Kagame's Insurance fraudsters. The insurance fraud is a trans-African scam that is very chronic in Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria.What the scammers do, they page(bet) an insurance hedge fund  on a property in Rwanda as a liability.

    Thus, Most new buildings cropping up in Rwanda, are considered liabilities by international money market people- In short, they'll be set on fire in future to claim huge sums of money.

    But  we should all agree that Rwanda’s financial system is shallow and so fragmented. Thus,Rwanda’s financial systems is made of two segments- retail banking and a few insurance companies- that have no capacity to finance an over-hyped growing economy. Also another point to make here, Rwanda is the only country in the world with  no weather insurance that farmers can tap-in.

    paul kagame,rwanda,kigali,jannette kagame


    This makes it difficult for farmers to access funding from financial institutions-a country with a hilly topography makes it more vulnerable to lightening and floods. This does not makes sense, not to have weather insurance-thus, in emerging economy Blocs such as the BRICS, Rwandan farmers will miss out due to the incompetence of its government.

    Okay, the reason I'm stuck on weather insurance, is because many arson in Rwanda  have been blamed on lightening, but in some cases, there was no sign of rain as lightening has to have a source, rain.

    What people should also understand, is the secret war within the Rwanda underground criminal syndicate-you see with underground crime, it has always been agreed  never do business in another criminal's  territory-this has resulted in many vandalism, and arson attacks on the business or property of the competition.

    paul kagame,rwanda,kigali,jannette kagame


    The Rwandan mafia has the darkest souls(Imitima yashitani) that they wouldn't give a damn if they burnt a hospital,church,mosque,a school,etc. in order to make money or humiliate someone.


    If you can remember very well, they set fire on APARUDE, a private secondary school in Ruhango District and twice on buildings at Byimana School of Sciences in Ruhango District, Southern Province. Why? Because a certain mafia member had got into the education sector without Paul Kagame's permission.


    However, this enabled the mafia to collect insurance dollars twice on the misfortune of school children.

    paul kagame,rwanda,kigali,jannette kagame

    Today, his wife has seen a gap in the market of fire extinguishers, and now the Mafia has instructed all Banyarwanda and residents of Rwanda to buy two fire extinguishers.


    Some people might ask, how about the prisons, aka correctional facilities.


    The answer is very simple-as in Rwanda there's nothing like a correction facility, but labor camps to provide slave labor to Paul Kagame's black markets like;construction,digging and growing coffee for Starbucks,cleaning,homosexual sex slaves for american and British tourists,etc.


    When one member of the Mafia uses slave labor from Rubavu Correctional Services to construct  for himself a new panyas(short-cut) to transport more marijuana pollen(yes, Rwanda is  the big exporter of Marijuana pollen in the region), than the others-thus, taking more business. That's when the other Mafia boss will swear how he will kusyahura(do) whoever is taking away business and coming into his patch.


    That's when the poor slave labor becomes a casualty of attacks to decapitate it and also send a warning to the competition, by burning down the facility that houses them. Because, the mafia boss Paul Kagame is the greediest, most selfish, Militaristic,Materialistic,Cruel with absolutely no grain of Patriotism towards Rwanda-Most hateful/spiteful to Banyarwanda as they die of preventable diseases while he loots their taxes and spends like he inherited Trillions.

    paul kagame,rwanda,kigali,jannette kagame

    In short, one can describe the cause of arson in Rwanda, to be due to competition wars between several RPF criminal families that are at war among themselves. Its very likely this could result into something bigger and very nasty.
    Joram Jojo
    Free Uganda
  • Rwanda Criminal Cartel

    Virunga Mountains

    As I write this post-God knows how much blood, murderer Kagame(Pilato) has shed today in the Democratic Republic of Congo assuming that its indeed a democratic republic. What readers should understand is that, the Human rights abuses in Congo have an international dimension: forget about Eastern Congo, because that's were the Illuminati mafia wants you to concentrate and not see the Congo saga -let's try and look at Congo as a whole.

    The so called international community loves insecurity in a region were they can easily plunder resources unabated using regional criminals such as Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni to commit murder-under the disguise of fighting terrorism.

    They'll praise a murderer by using economic development mantra-meaning that, they can rape the country unchallenged. i.e. recently the IMF mafia at a retreat of hardcore criminals in kigali, said that "Rwanda is among the 10 most-improved economies in Sub-Saharan Africa"

    What exactly this means, is that the infrastructure for corruption, thieving, money laundering, murder,etc. is the best in Africa. Top global criminals can easily commit crime undetected- thus,private jets can easily fly-in with no much questions asked. Basically, Congo is like a woman with a sweet pussy that everyone wants to fuck, however in this case she's being raped and fucked doggy style from Rwanda.

    In a modern criminal cartel such as the one in Rwanda; Transportation,Communication, Money laundering and of-course Hotels(where orgies are arranged) must be of high quality to make life easy for visiting criminals that might check-in anytime to make a picking of Coltan, Gold,etc.

    However, Rwanda is not only about plundered minerals from Congo, its also a top supplier of Human organs in the world-of-course Congolese organs.Its believed that between May 2011 and Feb 2012, 400 pairs of Kidneys went through Kigali Airport.

    Now you can understand when IMF criminals brag that " Rwanda has seen remarkable progress over the past decade. Rwanda was one of the fastest growing economies in the world over the period, with economic growth averaging over eight percent,”

    Pilato's private residence at Lake Muhazi

    In the Kagame's criminal Cartel, the schmoozing is unbelievable as you'll hear criminals, yapping shamelessly:

    Mr Kagame are you hungry..., Mr Kagame do you want a new jet..., Mr kagame fly over and share breakfast with me, Mr Kagame do you want free silencers for your guns..., Mr Kagame do you want to send your boys to our military academy..., Mr Kagame don't worry we have destroyed the ICC files..., Mr Kagame do you want to have an exclusive on aljazeera ..., Mr Kagame do you want an underground bunker..., Mr Kagame do you want a bank account in Bermuda or Switzerland...., Mr kagame do you want chemical or biological weapons..., Mr Kagame do you want a red carpet in France or America..., Mr kagame do you want an award..., Mr Kagame do you want us the ICC to pass a guilty verdict on Thomas Lubanga so the Human rights community can leave you alone...., Mr Kagame do you want a good story in the uganda red pepper or the uganda independent (both tabloids are run by security operatives), Mr Kagame do you want us to warn the South African president to keep Kayumba Nyamwasa and Rwanda National Congress out of the lime-light... Mr Kagame do you want us to threaten Umuvugizi journalists...., Mr Kagame do you want your ass wiped with a towel or a spray?

    To be Continued

    Joram jojo

    Free Uganda