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  • Yoweri Museveni Killers Kill Over 800 Innocent Ugandans

    Virunga Mountains

    This does not surprise some of us that have been following and cataloguing the horrendous crimes of the notorious Rwandan born turned Uganda Dictator; Tibuhaburwa Buzariranwa aka. Yoweri Museveni-sometimes referred too, as Yoseri Kayibanda.

    As he continues to carry out a social genocide on the Batwa "Pygmy" of Uganda after ethically cleansing them from their ancestral natural habitats, the rain forest. He has now returned to his old barbaric craftsmanship, of butchering another minority group known as the Bakonjo, just like how he used to murder the Acoli people of northern Uganda and blame it on Joseph Kony and LRA. Today, Ugandans are now waking up from their deep slumber and realising how all along their hero is not what they always thought he was, but a hardcore murderer.

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    Free Uganda
  • Uganda Today:Fashion and Beauty

    Virunga Mountains

    African images and stories are so diverse, that you're treated on them like some food menu.

    Having been depressed by the negative images of suffering fellow Africans -

    that Europeans enjoy feeding to their gullible audience, so they can solicit donations from them to re-colonise our

    people using food bowls, etc.; in Uganda, Somalia, DR Congo, of those brothers and sisters drowning while crossing to

    Europe to be treated like scum,etc. You sometimes need to change the menu/story [re-charge]

    knowing well what you staple food is- that of telling the Truth about Social Injustices!

    Is the black Man becoming extinct or black women are just making an excuse to give some to the white man?

    Ehh, think of all those wars in Africa since 1990 to 2008, Millions have died and the majority were men.


    Are black girls going out of tune because the black man doesn't want to fuck them but preffer to love them?

    Is the black man too demanding and wants something softer and gentle and nice like hugs, kisses and being sensual?

    Most women can't remember what it's like being good anymore, and they're getting away with it.

    Being dumped by one man should not make you hate Man!

    There are six Billion people on this planet and one of them has got to fancy you.

    So stop thinking that every-man that checks you out is there to dump you. Everyone gets dumped.

    Even Madonna, Naomi campbell, etc gets dumped.

    If your neighbors are having sex every-night and you're spending every night lying awake until 3 a.m,

    waiting for their bedspring to shut up, then you gonna need some help now.


    Hey girl, remember that there's strength in numbers. If it's two of them against you,

    you can end up feeling outnumbered and intimidated. They'll be utterly wrapped up in their passion and won't give

    you some or even bother to ask you to join-in. Sister, just sleep with him and the score will be game draw.


    Our Trend spotters have been around the world looking for African Runway trends.

    They all say that the African woman no longer thinks of how big she can go in fashion but how

    far she can go to make a fashion statement.


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    To Be Continued!!

    Free Uganda