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modern art

  • Uganda Art

    Virunga Mountains


    I created this Art as props for an African Comic & Manga Genre. The first series will feature Congo-its an experiment that will involve an interactive experience. I was one of those Kids that never enjoyed reading Comics-as they never told my story and I never, was friends with Kids that read them-they thought I was dumb-and I would drop on the floor and go in Tantrums. That experience stayed with me for donkey years-so today I've decided to let-it out! Little bastards called me dumb.....haha!






















































    The next step will be, to animate these characters in a 3D environment.

    This Art is to inspire Uganda students of Art that take their Art serious. As always, I've taken more time at looking at one aspect of Art, character design. This series is about Manga and comic design. Its not everyday you come across African Comics and Manga-though Manga is Japanese, but actually it means cartoon. Before embarking to that genre, you must consider improving your crafting skills. A well designed character will make any comic strips look great. This is very important as you need to stand-out from the crowd.

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