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uganda stories

  • Uganda a Conservative Tyranny

    Virunga Mountains

    Yoweri Museveni

    Multiparty politics in Uganda will continue to be a bad smell because the tyrant has rendered the power of the ballot ineffective, while his Personal Doctor Kizza Besigye has found it easier to construct a new party, the party of the people's anger than to rise within the circles[NRM Criminal cartel] and head it. Fellow Ugandans, Why did it take long for Kizza Besigye to throw conscience to the devil, when a simple woman like Alice Lakwena could see the Devil in Museveni?

    Alice Lakwena

    When Uganda was sleeping in Bed with Tyrant Museveni; Museveni's Political commissar Kizza Besigye, manufactured a negative campaign against Mama Alice Lakwena as some deluded christian fundamentalist with an intent to rule uganda by the Holly spirit. Still, Lakwena had a good judgement about Museveni than his personal Doctor and friend did.
    Fellow Ugandans, would you want a person with a poor judgement, to be your next President? Think about it!!!!

    Free Uganda