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Africans from different corners of the world will converge in Zimbabwe

Virunga Mountains

New opportunities are continuing to open up for the African continent and Africans to successfully resist imperialist dictates in the currentbalance of class forces. Durable peace is impossible in Africa while colonialism, neo-colonialism, racism, discrimination and foreign ruleexists.

It is in this matrix that the African family will be meeting in Zimbabwe in 2005 for the Global Pan African Congress (GPAC). Zimbabwe has been chosen to host this historic event primarily and simply because of her tireless efforts in the emancipation of the black race and the Third World from Anglo-American driven aggression and immoral brutality.

Africans from different corners of the world will converge in Zimbabwe, a country that has shown commitment to suffer and be the voice of nations and races that are still suffering under the yoke of colonialism to gain self-determination and resist imperialism, which is continuing its attempts to impose its domination on the world.

It is also preserving unjust regimes of Abdoulai Wade, Yoweri Museveni and Paul Kagame whilst progressive revolutionaries such as Castro and Nkrumah are always demonized. For instance, Uganda is regarded as a model of democracy by the western countries despite the fact that he has a degree in genocide as well as a doctorate in zero partyism. A zero party state is anti-democracy and this shows that the imperialists are there to promote inequitable international relations.

The government of Zimbabwe has shown that the revolutionary upsurge of the oppressed people from Iraq to Africa blows up the straightjackets of force instituted by the imperialists and their loyal puppets .The withdrawal from the Commonwealth, the success of the Agrarian revolution and the speeches by President Mugabe at the 2002 Earth Summit and beyond have all stood as a testimony that Africa is on the road to victory over her enemies.

Amplified by these developments, Pan-Africanists from diverse backgrounds have set up the Zimbabwe Pan African Movement [ZPAM] to do the ground work for the Global Pan African Congress as well as to make sure that the struggles of the African people live after the event that will be hosted by the Southern African Political and Economic Series [SAPES TRUST].

The idea of coming up with a Zimbabwean Pan African movement came up when Zimbabweans converged in Harare to choose a National Organizing Committee for the GPAC 2005. It was agreed by members of the Organizing Committee that there was need to form a Pan African Movement that can help in the mobilization, education and waging of the war against the imperialists. It is this quest to see the movement growing that has seen Zimbabweans forming such a seemingly formidable organization. All
delegates agreed that there was need for the rejuvenation and refueling of the Pan-African Movement due to rising cases of western instilled genocide. Recent cases being those of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The birth of ZPAM saw veteran politician Cde Chen Chimutengwende being elected Chairman; Richard CHIRONGWE, vice-chairman; Itai Mach, Secretary; Gilbert Mbiri, Deputy Secretary; Taurai Gobvu, Treasurer; Munyaradzi Muzenda, Deputy Treasurer; Kwanisai Mafa, National Organizing Secretary; Livingstone Jonga, Deputy National Organizing Secretary; Redgies Ziteya, Information and Publicity Secretary; Goodson Nguni, Deputy Information and Publicity Secretary; Caroline Tangai, Secretary for Gender Issues; Mildre Chakanetsa, Deputy Secretary for Gender Issues; Tariro Maturire, Secretary for Education and Culture; Jimmy Ndlovu, Deputy Secretary for Education and Culture; Charity Moyo, Deputy Secretary for International Relations and Chakanyuka Karase, Secretary for International Relations. Joseph MANDIZHA and Chris Gwatidzo are committee members.

Furthermore the movement endeavours to carry forward the legacy left by Africas Man of the Millenium, His Excellency Kwame Nkrumah. ZPAM like practically all African nationalism, is born out of direct western aggression and impositions. Its most specific source of inspiration is the common experiences [in suffering] of the people of in Cuba, Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa and the whole Third World in general.

With neo-colonialism polluting the African continent, the wealth of Africa being drained away by mere strangers and multinational companies and our revolutionaries being castigated willy-nilly there has been the cry for a vibrant Pan-African movement that can counter the current global thinking and neo-colonialism as well as thwarting the emergence of Euroclones such as Yoweri Museveni of Uganda.

ZPAM is such a movement that has emerged to fight against imperialism and its tools such as the World Bank and the IMF as well as other neo-colonial institutions that are there to keep Africa and the Africans in conditions of poverty. It is essential that Africans return to their egalitarian socialist traditions. This is what Nkrumah stood for and this is what we should work for.

Nkrumah tells us that our philosophy must find its weapons in the environment and the living conditions of the African people. It is from these conditions that the intellectual content and broader scope of our philosophy must be created or as Chairman Mao said, from the masses to the masses."

The emancipation of the African continent is the emancipation of man. This requires two aims: firstly the restitution of the egalitarianism of human society and secondly the logistic mobilization of all African resources towards the attainment of that restitution.

It is from genuine African initiatives that Africans can develop. In the words of Edward Blyden, the people of Africa need some African power, some greater sense of identity where their physical and intellectual strength may be collected. Among the Africans, there is enough talent, zeal, wealth and enterprise to form a respectable Pan African Movement
but all these are being thwarted by imperialists and Anglo-American arrogance.

Free Uganda

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