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Solidarity with the student of Fes university!

Virunga Mountains

At the university of Fes in Morocco 193 students are on hungerstrike now against the privatisation of their universities. The hungerstrike and the protests have been organised by the clandestine members of maoist and trotskiyst organisations. The slogan of the hungerstrike is: "We are communists. We love life. But we are prepared to die for it!"

Salute Comrades,

We are very proud of your resistance against the privatisation of your universities. Uganda anarchists un-conditionally supports all the struggles you are waging against monarchist that are pimping your(future) universities to the World bank criminals. The neo-liberalist wants to control the world and hold our Brothers and Sisters at ransom when they feel like. Lets unite as workers of the world and fight global-pimps.

Forward with the National Union of Students in Morocco!
We shall continue to fight the dominance of the few!

ViVa NUS of Moroco!

Free Uganda

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