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uganda Elections 2006

Virunga Mountains

Museveni a coward – Byanyima
David Mafabi
Ms Winnie Byanyima, wife of detained FDC leader Kizza Besigye, has described President Yoweri Museveni as a coward who even fears his own shadow.
She has also accused the NRM leaders of being perennial liars and thieves. Byanyima was speaking at an FDC campaign here on Friday.

She said: “The ongoing intimidation, harassment and imprisonment of opposition members shows that Museveni is a coward who fears even his own shadow. How do you fear fighting a person whose hands are tied up? This shows that Museveni, on a politically level ground can’t compete favourably and take the day.”

Byanyima added: “This is a government of liars and thieves. For sure, how do you steal Global Fund money meant for fighting Malaria, TB and HIV/Aids at the expense of the patients for your own selfish interests? How do you go to Congo to protect Ugandans and plunder and loot?”
The cheering crowd kept shouting agende, agende (Let him – Museveni – go).

Byanyima said she was not shaken by Besigye’s imprisonment. “I have not shed a tear about it, because Besigye’s imprisonment has opened the eyes of most Ugandans that we are all prisoners.” She said Ugandans had been imprisoned in abject poverty, IDP camps, poor education, the LRA war and poor health.

Bugweri MP Abdu Katuntu said whereas Museveni described him as poisonous mushroom, he (Katuntu), had discovered that “Museveni is like a jigger that is eating up Ugandans.” Katuntu urged Ugandans to get rid of him. He dismissed claims that Museveni is the only one who had a vision, adding that many Ugandans, including him [Katuntu] were more educated than Museveni - and better placed to lead thecountry.

The FDC chairman, Dr Sulaiman Kigundu, amused the crowd by remarking:
“It is finished, the man has gone Besigye like Kwame Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela and the late Jomo Kenyatta will come from jail and walk to state house.”

Free Uganda


  • It would have been easy to uproot museveni with a vote rather than a bullet. UPC seems to want another dosage of Museveni's autocratic rule. UPC like NRMO is a one man party. The Man dies, the family takes over.. UPC is spending more time trashing FDC rather than NRMO. Apparently General Kahinda OTafire has been having sex with Miria Kalule Obote. How could Miria do such a thing to sane UPC?? I'm leaving UPC for FDC!!!!

  • UPC is a dictatorship and it has blood of ugandans on its hands. Just like "terrorist" used by NRMO, UPC coined the word "bandit" to described the rebels, the legal Democratic Party (DP) opposition in Parliament led by Dr Paul Ssemogerere, and everyone else the regime didn't like.

    "Bandit" was a well chosen word, connoting someone operating outside the law, and therefore who by the same act had forfeited the right to be treated according to that law. Thus if caught, he wouldn't get a trial as provided by law, but would be extrajudicially killed in Nile Mansions or hacked to death with an axe in the bushes of Luwero.

    The Obote government's four-year military effort to destroy its challengers resulted in vast areas of devastation and greater loss of life than during the eight years of Amin's rule. UNLA's many Acholi and Langi had been hastily enrolled with minimal training and little sense of discipline. Although they were survivors of Amin's genocidal purges of northeast Uganda, in the 1980s they were armed and in uniform, conducting similar actions against Bantu-speaking Ugandans in the south, with whom they appeared to feel no empathy or even pity. In early 1983, to eliminate rural support for Museveni's guerrillas the area of Luwero District, north of Kampala, was targeted for a massive population removal affecting almost 750,000 people. These artificially created refugees were packed into several internment camps subject to military control, which in reality meant military abuse. Civilians outside the camps, in what came to be known as the "Luwero Triangle," were presumed to be guerrillas or guerrilla sympathizers and were treated accordingly. The farms of this highly productive agricultural area were looted--roofs, doors, and even door frames were stolen by UNLA troops. Civilian loss of life was extensive, as evidenced some years later by piles of human skulls in bush clearings and alongside rural roads.

    The army also concentrated on the northwestern corner of Uganda, in what was then West Nile District. Bordering Sudan, West Nile had provided the ethnic base for much of Idi Amin's earlier support and had enjoyed relative prosperity under his rule. Having born the brunt of Amin's anti-Acholi massacres in previous years, Acholi soldiers avenged themselves on inhabitants of Amin's home region, whom they blamed for their losses. In one famous incident in June 1981, Ugandan Army soldiers attacked a Catholic mission where local refugees had sought sanctuary. When the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) reported a subsequent massacre, the government expelled it from Uganda.

    In this deteriorating military and economic situation, Obote subordinated other matters to a military victory over Museveni. North Korean military advisers were invited to take part against the NRA rebels in what was to be a final campaign that won neither British nor United States approval. But the army was warweary , and after the death of the highly capable General Oyite Ojok in a helicopter accident at the end of 1983, it began to split along ethnic lines. Acholi soldiers complained that they were given too much frontline action and too few rewards for their services. Obote delayed appointing a successor to Oyite Ojok for as long as possible. In the end, he appointed a Langi to the post and attempted to counter the objection of Acholi officers by spying on them, reviving his old paramilitary counterweight, the mostly Langi Special Force Units, and thus repeating some of the actions that led to his overthrow by Amin. As if determined to replay the January 1971 events, Obote once again left the capital after giving orders for the arrest of a leading Acholi commander, Brigadier (later Lieutenant General) Basilio Olara Okello, who mobilized troops and entered Kampala on July 27, 1985. Obote, together with a large entourage, fled the country for Zambia. This time, unlike the last, Obote allegedly took much of the national treasury with him

  • Katuntu is aman given the fact that he did not make it back to parliament coz of the uncoth acts of NRM

  • KATUNTU is aman among men iven the fact that he did not make itt back to parliament coz of the uncoth acts of the NRM

  • Given all that is happening, we usually say "Every Dog has it's own day". Museveni as an individual has got limits that he can not go beyond. Meaning when his time of going comes no resistace will he make however much he wants. All he's doing is to deny him some the benefits he could have enjoyed upto his death and may be including Astate burial that could be a final appriciation for him.

  • Interesting article!
    Where can I find more on this theme?

  • Uganda has become a Zoo of "tired-looking dogs" wandering from dustbin and backing everytime another dog gets there first. Very amazing when they bark over 21 Budo elite kids and sleep when it comes to 1000 weekly deaths of Kids in Northern Uganda concentration camps!!

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