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Uganda Elections 2006

Virunga Mountains

Free Uganda


  • Guys where can we buy some of the music you're playing on the radio station? This is the best radio in uganda and keep up the good job!

  • Comrades,
    The Dictatorship has employed a terrorist gang to shut us down... but everytime they shut us down, We back within 10 minutes-Lol! We also thank them for empowering us with internet security skills! Like we said before, We shall have the last laugh-Keep watching this space!

  • Musevenis Honesty and too much beleif in democratic principle has played a leading role in tarnishing his good name. He waged a guerilla but protracted struggle to liberate the people of Uganda from the bondage of political slavery during the reig of tyranny.He has created democratci institutions and Ugandans have enjoyed freedom and all fundamental human rights.This has not helped the good president but it is instead decampaigning him.The institutions have been misused by the Opposition politicians who beleive in inciting the masses to violence but since Ugandans still Love the Movement and Museveni,nothing to their wishes have been achieved.Shame upon you Opposition.Please help the Government to achieve the best for the poeople but dont sabbottage it for your selfish end.

    Thank you,

    Luzindana Adam

  • Thank for useful info.

  • Robert Kabushenga --- the NRM's barking dog

    On Thursday, March 9, 2006, the confrontation between the Canadian journalist Blake Lambert and the head of the NRM government Media Centra, Robert Kabushenga, reached a head when Lambert was deported from Uganda to Kenya.

    Andrew Mwenda, who used to ask Lambert to sit in for him when he was a way from his "Andrew Mwenda Live" show, condemned the expulsion of Lambert during the show on Friday.

    Lambert was on phone for an hour from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi. At the end of the show, Lambert's last comment would be no hope for Uganda "without regime change."

    Why did Kabushenga cause this expulsion when he very well knows the impact that it can have on Uganda's international image?

    We have pieced together a dossier on Kabushenga based on submissions to Radio Katwe by various readers and concerned Ugandans.

    Robert Kabushenga was born in 1968. He grew up much of the time in Kampala and in the late 1980s he used to live with his late mother and family in the KCC flats at Naguru.

    In his early years, he was known as Robert Mukholi. His parents separated before he was a teenager and he adopted that name from his mother's tribe, the Bagisu.

    His father lived for many years in Sweden.

    Kabushenga seems to have coped with the break up of his family by developing a studied unsentimentality (some would even say callousness), and by chanelling his energies into pleasing authority and becoming successful.

    His father returned to Uganda in the early 1990s and there was tension in the family. Kabushenga tried to identify with his father but there was too much distance between them, leading to more feelings of rejection in him.

    He has tried hard to compensate for this deficit in family life by associating with the rich and famous, trying to cut off his links with people who knew him before the 1990s, and being a social climber.

    At Makerere University, Kabushenga read Law but finished with only a pass degree. It was the second time in major exams for his image as a bright guy to fail him.

    In 1996, Kabushenga together with the former Miss Uganda Linda Bazalaki and the lawyer Candy Wekesa and others formed Promoz, a company to organize the new stage of the Miss Uganda beauty contest.

    Wekesa and one of Kabushenga's friends, Geoffrey Bataringaya (a son of the late UPC minister in the 1960s, Basil Bataringaya) were the Masters of Ceremony.

    It was a successful event and it gave Kabushenga the public acceptance he had always thirsted for.

    The contest produced the most famous of the recent Miss Uganda faces, Sheba Kerere, but it also left Promoz with a large debt. That debt made Kabushenga feel financially insecure.

    (Incidentally, Candy Wekesa reportedly once had an affair with ISO director-general Brig. Jim Muhwezi; they used to meet openly near the swimming pool at the Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala and other places. The question is, was this just an ordinary adulterous affair, or was Muhwezi debriefing Wekesa? Is Candy Wekesa an ISO agent? But that is a story for another day.)

    During a party to mark Winnie Byanyima's 40th birthday, which was held at the Viper Room nightclub at Hotel Equatorial in Kampala, Kabushenga was the Master of Ceremonies and turned out dressed in blue denim overalls. But these days he pretends to be more NRM than Museveni himself. Kabushenga does not normally talk about the rest of his family.

    When he got married in 1999, he tried hard to make his wedding a social event by inviting prominent public figures like Angelina and James Wapakhabulo and others. Kabushenga's wife has a Ugandan father and her mother is Tanzanian.

    Not long after they got married, it emerged that Kabushenga's wife was a cheat. She was secretly having an affair with his friend Geoffrey Bataringaya.

    Word has it that one morning, Kabushenga left his Bugolobi flat for work. Soon after, Bataringaya sneaked into the flat after Kabushenga's wife tipped him off that it was safe to come.

    It seems that Kabushenga forgot something at home or he was trying to prove the rumour of his wife's adultery, but after an hour or so, Kabushenga returned home unannounced, only to catch his wife and Bataringaya "in the act." This rumour is widely known in the circles of Kabushenga's friends and it will not surprise them to read it on Radio Katwe.com

    It seems that humiliation of seeing his wife in his own bed with another guy hurt Kabushenga so much and as usual he turned to over-compensation to gain back his self-esteem.

    But this would not have not turned Kabushenga into the hated figure that he is becoming these days. He still had many friends and many people still tuned in to his Saturday morning show on Capital Radio, "The Capital Gang" which he was hosting.

    In 2004, the New Vision, the company where Kabushenga was Corporation Secretary, began to renovate and upgrade their whole premises. The bill came to 3.5 million dollars.

    But somewhere somehow, there seemed to have been something improper with the way Kabushenga brought in or tried to influence the bringing in of a small sub-contractor or supplier to be part of the project.

    When the New Vision did its auditing of the renovation, it discovered certain financial over-expenditure and it seems the trail led to Kabushenga, and he knew it. He had to jump before he was exposed and publicly humiliated as a thief and crook.

    According to sources in Kampala, he had got to know that Uganda was trying to host the 2007 Commonwealth summit. He tried to lobby and manoeuvre to be appointed the director of communications and media for the summit, but it did not work out.

    Next, he heard about the proposed new NRM Governent Media Centre. Again, he tried to lobby, this time with an urgency borne of desperation.

    According to a Radio Katwe source, Kabushenga begged and begged Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa and Defence Minister Amama Mbabazi to influence his appointment as Media Centre head.

    Apparently, he found more sympathy from Mbabazi and that is how he came to be Media Centre head, and that is why in the early days of his job, he used to hang around Mbabazi as if Mbabazi was his godfather.

    During the presidential campaigns when FDC president Colonel Dr. Kizza Besigye was meeting huge crowds during his visit to West Nile and Ajumani, President Yoweri Museveni called a meeting at State House. Museveni demanded to know why Besigye was getting so much publicity in the newspapers and on radio and Museveni's presense in the media was relatively insignificant. "Why do I pay you?" Museveni roared in anger looking at a shaken Kabushenga.

    Kabushenga had never been as shaken as that in his life. He immediately began to visit various media houses in Kampala to press and beseech editors and programme directors to give Museveni more prominent coverage.

    Fortunately for him, his colleagues in the media who saw how shaken he was, decided to save him and that was when you began seeing more photographs of Museveni addressing small groups of people in Luwero but which even papers like "Daily Monitor" were terming "crowds."

    Now that Kabushenga has opened a war with the media by pushing for the deportation of Blake Lambert, he can expect no more sympathy. All his dirt and failings will come out.

    Already, the foreign media has started a quiet and well-coordinated campaign to have Kabushenga black-listed around the world as an official who is leading the repression of press freedom.

    Confidential documents between the Media Council headed by Fr. John Mary Waliggo and the NRM Media Centre found their way to the Ugandan press.

    One of the Media Council officials, Paul Mukasa, tried to take a principled stand as far as Lambert's deportation saga was concerned. He tried to argue Lambert's case.

    Kabushenga believes that it was Mukasa who leaked the documents to the media. According to the documents, which Andrew Mwenda read on air on March 10, Waliggo sensed that the government was determined to deport Lambert and Waliggo was afraid of confronting the state.

    To appease the state, he tried to advise the state to circumvent the Media Council (which is the legal body that monitors Uganda's media industry. Not to be confused with Kabushengas Media Center, an NRM government creation -Ed), and instead wait for Lambert's visa to expire and then when he tries to reapply to stay in Uganda, deny him an entry visa.

    From this saga, it seems that Kabushenga, who is still shaken by the way Museveni blasted and humiliated him in front of his colleagues, has been trying to justify himself as a loyal NRM man.

    According to a source familiar with the Lambert case, the original plan by the ISO intelligence agency was to come without warning at night, pick Lambert from his flat at Blacklines House in downtown Kampala and then whisk him off to the airport at Entebbe.

    It seems ISO was advised against that.

    Is is thought that the Israeli secret service Mossad have taken an interest in the case of how Blake Lambert, who is a Jewish, could have been harassed and treated so badly by a Ugandan government which claims it is friendly to Israel.

    Israel has never forgotten how an Israeli citizen, Dora Bloch, died mysteriously in Uganda in 1976 during the Israeli raid at Entebbe.

    Uganda's old MiG-21 planes were overhauled in 2002 by the Israeli Defence Industries.

  • North America special - WHO IS WATCHING YOU LIST
    By Smart Musolin - EBB (U)

    This is a list of people who were written to from Kampala, thanking them for a "successful" election.

    Though by no means exhaustive, this list tries to isolate ESO agents in those areas where there is a sizeable Ugandan community. Some of these agents do not know each other. ESO Uganda organized it this way to ensure accuracy of intelligence submitted. They sometimes report on each other and some of them are double agents as well.

    Members of the Uganda community in the specified areas are advised to tread carefully around these individuals. Do not be surprised if you are being illegally spied on. These individuals have covertly infiltrated almost all local and national Ugandan organizations in North America.

    Northeastern / East Coat Region
    Kennedy Burashe *, Silver Spring, Maryland
    Collins Rusinguzi *, Washington District of Columbia
    Julius Muhumuza *, Middletown, Pennsylvania
    Twaha Bukenya *, Hamden, Connecticut
    Thalma Byenkya, Roxbury Massachusetts
    Edward Lule, Marlborough, Massachusetts
    Robert Maseruka, Waltham Massachusetts
    Charles Kampororo Tumushabe, Watertown, Massachusetts
    Katongole Maalo, Boston, Massachusetts
    Elizabeth Musaazi, Southborough Massachusetts
    Danstan Ntege, Arlington, Massachusetts
    Robert Kanyike, Burlington, Massachusetts
    Godfrey Seruwagi , Boston, Massachusetts
    Debbie Mawanda, Boston, Massachusetts
    Ddamba Kanyike, Boston, Massachusetts
    Ruth Nakitende, Boston, Massachusetts
    Rosette Sserwanga, Boston, Massachusetts
    Steven Kasirye **, Woburn, Massachusetts
    John Luggya **, Watertown, Massachusetts
    Annette Kironde **, Belmont Massachusetts
    Edward Wanda, Patterson, New York
    Abraham Muhoozi, New York
    Amooti Kazinduka, Peekskill New York
    Allan Katatumba, Lindenhusrt, New York

    * The top four individuals (1-4) have been specifically assigned this year to ensure that the UNAA 2006 Convetntion in New York is an NRMO affair.
    They were tasked to covertly participate in the preparation and organization of the convention.

    ** The three individuals (18-20) are social butterflies and many unsuspecting Ugandans have fallen prey.

    Central / Mountain Region
    Edris Kironde, Denver, Colorado
    Barbara Serumaga, Aurora, Colorado
    Henrietta Wamala, Chicago, Illinois
    Ronald Mutebi, Chicago Illinois
    Kizito Kalema, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Tom Mutyabule, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Pascal T. Ngoboka, Oakdale, Minnesota
    Julius Izooba Mugabe, Saint Paul, Minnesota
    West Coast /Pacific Region
    Abbey Walusimbi, North Hollywood, California
    David Kabukulu, Los Angeles California
    Colin Kakiza, Glendale, California
    Anne Nakyanzi, Van Nuys, California
    South / Southeaster Region
    David Mureba, Dallas, Texas
    Michael Kaluya, Dallas, Texas
    Richard Bazanye, Fort Worth, Texas
    Sam Musoke, Lubbock, Texas
    Robinson Yebalibinga, Morrow, Georgia
    Richard Wamulanga, Atlanta Georgia
    Geoffrey Rugege, Ruson, Louisiana
    Steven Ruhinda, Ontario, Canada
    Radio Kawe.com had earlier on received many requests from Ugandans in N. America/Canada worried about their security and privacy. Now thanks to Smart Musolin, we hope this list goes some way in helping you to protect your self. As human beings, Ugandans are born free to associate, participate and hold whatsoever views they choose to without fear or hindrance.

  • Who is the real father of Joanita Kyakuwa's daughter?
    "The woman who once accused Kiiza Besigye of Rape"

    The story of Joanita Kyakuwa was a major news event in late 2005. According to what most of the public knows, Kyakuwa was staying at the home of Colonel Kizza Besigye and Winnie Byanyima in Luzira 1997, having been brought in by Byanyima.

    In November 1997, the allegation goes, Besigye who had taken a sexual interest in Kyakuwa, approached her and raped her.

    State House learnt of Besigyes alleged terrible deed from the "Uganda Confidential" newsletter and saw an opportunity to create fake charges against Besigye.

    Most of the public also knows that Kyakuwa has a four year old child with Nick Wavamuno, a Kampala businessman.

    That is what the public knows. In the following report, Radio Katwe brings you nothing less than a bombshell that we have just got and crosschecked.

    Who is the real father of this child?

    The child is a girl and is now four years old.

    According to this source, who has connections deep inside State House, that child belongs to Museveni himself. He fathered her not long after Kyakuwa began living in State House in 2001.

    This story on the fact that President Museveni is the biological father of Joanita Kyakuwa's daughter is going to break the hearts of the people at State House, because it has been one of their most closely guarded secrets ever.

    Those who have seen the child say that she resembles Museveni so much that it could as well be written all over her face.

    This story sounds too crazy to be true, that is why we are asking our readers to crosscheck it with their sources in Uganda.

    But before you even begin asking second and third parties, here a few disturbing questions that you can ask yourself. At all times, keep this fact in mind, that Kyakuwa has no known blood relationship at all with Museveni. She could have as well been any girl walking the streets of Mbarara or Kampala.

    So, if it is true that Kyakuwa was raped then "threatened" by Besigye and needed to be protected and that is why she was housed in State House Entebbe, why did she have to live specifically in State House for five years now and counting to be protected? Why not anywhere else, maybe in a private house with servants and guards?

    How powerful and dangerous is this man Besigye, that when he "threatens" someone, they not only have to live in State House to be safe, but also have to take trips abroad? (we shall play naive and suggest that maybe it was to loose her trail on Besigyes hitmen? For Kyakuwas passport is full of visas to the UK, Australia and other countries. Your tax money hard at work fellow citizens).

    The Presidential Guard Brigade is roughly 12,000 men and women in size.

    To completely protect the endangered pretty damsel Kyakuwa, State House would only have needed to deploy about four male PGB soldiers and maybe four female soldiers, and that would have been not only enough, but even though a misuse of our money, would have appeared somewhat above board.

    The reason she was living in State House is because she had become the President's mistress.

    Nick Wavamuno, who is part of the fairly well-to-do Wavamuno family, could not have failed to support the child, if she was his. Even if he failed, his family members could easily have afforded an air ticket and money to have the child sent to London.

    Could it be that Nick Wavamuno who has been sliding down the social ladder was, in his weakened state taken advantage of by the Museveni regime and the fatherhood pinned on him?

    Some members of the Bahima community in Uganda have been insisting that Kyakuwa's daughter has no trace of Baganda (Wavamuno) blood at all, but is fully Museveni's child.

    As we have just said: because this story sounds impossible to believe, we urge our readers to crosscheck it with the best sources they know of in Uganda. If possible, talk to your Bahima friends because some of them know this deeply embarrassing story.

    Museveni has had a history of sexual relations with all sorts of women and girls. Here is another one that will throw more light on to the Kyakuwa story because it fits a known pattern.

    There is a girl who was brought to State House to work as a cook. She was a light-skinned girl and today is in her early 30s or late 20s.

    As of the time we published this article, Radio Katwe was trying to establish her exact names. She is a Muhima from the Bahororo community of Rukungiri in western Uganda.

    She is distantly related to Major-General Jim Muhwezi and more closely to Kam Karyegesa, a staunch UPC leader from the 1960s generation.

    Anyway, she was a beautiful girl and Museveni took an interest in her. He began sleeping with her and she had a first child with him, then a second. One source says that she has a third child with Museveni, but Radio Katwe cannot definitely confirm this third child.

    As this matter became known in the Karyegesa family, they began to demand dowery or some form of bride price from Museveni for their girl. Museveni was silent about it, because he was afraid of what his wife Janet would do if he got to know about it.

    As the children were growing, there came the complication of their baptism in church and how Museveni would go about it, because again, it had to remain a secret. Radio Katwe is not sure how they ended up doing it.

    That cook and now a Museveni mistress was first housed at State House for some time but Museveni later rented a house for her in Entebbe. The house belonged to the late Mr. Bubulo who was a Uganda Airlines Station Manager in Dubai. It is located near the top of Nsamizi hill not far from the old State House.

    That is the house where Lt. Colonel Moses Rwakitarate, the Commander of the Airforce base at Entebbe stays when he spends nights in Entebbe.

    Museveni later moved her to Kampala but Radio Katwe could not readily establish where she stays in Kampala.

    What we know is that her children go to school at the Aga Khan primary school in Kampala. They and their mother are driven about wherever they wish to go in army vehicles and Landrovers.

    When Smart Musolin first wrote in his August 2005 email article "Museveni and Janet to Divorce" about the strains in the Janet-Museveni marriage, he mentioned that two children fathered by Museveni with a girl he met while visiting the home of Jim Muhwezi's brother in Jinja had been attributed to General Salim Saleh. It seems to be Museveni's trait to name another man as the father of his children, to protect his presidential image and of course avoid the wrath of his wife.

    But a person from Kigezi who we shall leave nameless has taken it upon himself to keep track of Mr. Casanovas seed and reports that by 2005, Museveni had fathered at least 21 children from several different women.

    That is the rather exciting other life of our president, H. E. Yoweri Museveni.

    Though we are not exactly holding our breath, we will publish in full any statement from State House or any of Museveni's spokesmen and women who will directly or indirectly deny that Museveni is the father of Kyakuwa's daughter.

    Readers Comments (unedited):
    By Anonymous Mar-13-06

    The cook in question who gave birth to Museveni's children is the daughter of the late Mzee Nyindombi of Kebisooni subcounty Rukungiri district. She is the sister of the Jinja RDC Mugisha Muhwezi and it is true they are Bahima.The baptism in quesion took place in Kebisooni in 2005 and Salim Saleh was the chief guest but all people in Kebissoni know who the father of the children is.

    The woman is now staying at a Bungalow on Luthuli Avenue in Bugolobi near the former Palestinian Embassy.Word has it that a plot to harm this cook and her children (Museveni's children) orchestrated by the first lady Janet with the help of the embattled ISO chief Brigadier Tumukunde was foiled in its advanced stages hence the worsening of the relations between Tumukunde and Salim Saleh and ofcourse Museveni.

    Museveni is said to have also fathered a child with the wife of Major General Koreta.


  • I am not a Ugandan nor am I of African decent, but I definitely see the malicious actions committed by Museveni and his forces. He is a so called leader that does absolutely notning for his people but terrorize them. Along with Museveni, Josep Kony is another man that needs to be stopped at all costs. His reign of terror must stop. He and the LRA are committing atrocity after atrocity and nothing has been done to stop this 18 year war. PLEASE, whoever knows about the disastrous situation of Uganda must help STOP these two men and bring an end to the terror!!!

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