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Uganda Gaming project

Virunga Mountains
This is a shout to all those interested in gaming and multimedia design.

I thought we could redesign the following platform to an interactive game:

THis game has 3 parts (how they got here and how they get to the parliament building from here)
Dictator museveni has been defeated and he has decided to hide in the parliament building-from this point, the Presidential Guard are putting up fearce resistance.

The new project is very flexible, and you only need the following skills to be on-board:
1.story -scripting
3.analytical / observation
6.critical / journalistic
7.Morale boosting/ cheering

Time duration: 1month first part of the game-3months second part- 6months third part
Software: Flash, 3D Max, Maya, etc.
Location: Local & international collaboration
Aims: To develop skills in teamwork building, confidence, multimedia design, political/social awareness

This project will be of benefit to Makerere university students of both Social Sciences and Computing, High school & College students, political activists, NRM-O defectors and ofcourse the underground people-Salute!!
What do you think the next move should be?

PLayer, its your show!

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Free Uganda


  • Comrades,
    We would like to let you know that some upgrade is taking place on the News-wire and project forum-just be patient with us!

  • The origins of President Yoweri Museveni

    According to Museveni's own constitution, Chapter 7, article 102 states, "A person is not qualified for election as President unless that person is, (a) a citizen of Uganda by birth."
    Not a single time has he ever tried to settle that matter. When school children in Lango asked him about his Rwandese origin, he was infuriated and ordered their expulsion from school.

    One version of Uganda's famous illegal alien says that Museveni was born in Gishenyi, Rwanda and given the name of "Nyandwi" which means the 7th child. He walked into Ankole with his mother where she mated with Mr. Kaguta, the father of General Salim Saleh. The other version was exposed by Mrs. Gertrude Byanyima (wife of the National Chairman of the Democratic Party, Boniface Byanyima) who claims to have raised him in her home where he came as a Tutsi teenager from Rwanda (momboze). Mrs. Byanyima says that his real name is "Tibahaburwa". She even displayed old exercise books he used in school bearing the name of Tibahaburwa.

    Museveni's mother speaks only Kinyarwanda despite having lived in Uganda for a long time. She does not mention the father of her famous son. Museveni himself has failed to show the nation graves of his father, grand-parents or other members of the extended family as would be expected among Africans. There is nobody in Uganda that can avow to having ever attended a funeral of Museveni's family members in the past 70 years.

    Who is this foreigner and where does he come from? Nyandwi or Tibahaburwa does not provide the country with proof of his birth place nor does he show the grave site of his father, grand-parents etc.. as proof of being a Ugandan by birth. When and where did he apply for Ugandan citizenship if it was by registration?

    Failure to do any of the above is proof that the man was truly born outside Uganda and never filed an application for citizenship. Therefore, he is an illegal alien and unqualified to be Uganda's president. Ugandan lawyers must take this matter to court for it is a clear violation of his own constitution.

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