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Sudanese take-over uganda security

Virunga Mountains

By Smart Musolin

Reliable security information has confirmed the arrival in Uganda of a large number of Sudan Liberation Army (SPLA) troops on mission to prop up the Museveni dictatorship.

The dictator announced at his last rally at Kololo of the deployment of 12,000 troops to "scare those planning to cause trouble in the country".

While he suggested he would use UPDF troops redeployment, it has now emerged that he referred to the SPLA soldiers. Political parties have protested at this development saying candidate Museveni had no authority to usurp the powers of the electoral commission without consultations.

The arrival of this large contingent of the Anyanya soldiers comes amidst reports of an imminent collapse of the Bahiima/Basiita military and security command and several conflicting reports about the whereabouts of General Wamala Katumba.

Earlier reports of his arrest were denied although speculation is still rising that Museveni's loyalists like Salim Saleh, Aronda Nyakaima and Muhozi Kainerugaba were now treating General Wamala Katumba as a renegade soldier.

One source has said Museveni's resort to Anyanya soldiers was testimony of Museveni despair since he had always claimed his mission was to fight Anyanya soldiers in Uganda.

A high ranking SPLA/M leader Rebecca Garang widow of former SPLA/M leader John Garang recently joined the Museveni campaign trail, an action that was protested by various political parties as interference in Uganda's internal affairs.

Museveni has proved illustrated that he would break any rules friendship, party belonging, and national security just to promote his personal ambitions.

In Sembabule near Masaka, Museveni supported a DP backed independent candidate Sentongo and openly defied his hosts Sam Kutesa and Anifa Kawooya at a public rally.

He even publicly rebuked the official NRM candidate Dr Elly Muhumuza simply because Ssentogo appeared to command a bigger public following.

While in Tororo district, Museveni again endorsed an independent candidate of Asian origin against the officially endorsed candidate. Like elsewhere, Museveni simply considered his presidential re-election pursuit as paramount to all niceties of protocol, party allegiance and political decency.

In resorting to the deployment of military mercenaries in Uganda, Museveni is thus simply pursuing the trend of personal ambitions at the expense of national security and all else. He has even sacrificed his sacred Black Mamba, Presidential Guard Brigade and the CMI.

Further reports have suggested that Museveni is co-ordinating the SPLA soldiers deployment with help of Idi Amin's son Taban Amin re-known for the terror he cause while imposed at Makerere University in the years gone by.

Museveni recently appointed Taban Amin as the second in command of the dreaded Internal Security Organisation (ISO).

Taban's father General Idi Amin ruled Uganda from 1971-79 called the reign of terror when his notorious security apparatus called the State Research Bureau (SRB) that murdered nearly 800,000 Ugandans.

While the West Nile and the entire Northern Uganda have rejected Yoweri Museveni, it is only Taban acting as an individual who has succumbed to bribery and embraced the disgraced dictator. Political opponents have said Museveni had resurrected the SRB through Amin's son.

Meanwhile, Rwanda has closed its border with Uganda. In a surprise move, Rwanda cited its national security interests as the basis for closing the boarder for the electoral period in Uganda.

Uganda has protested against the closure. Several foreign nationals are leaving Uganda for the safety of Kenya and Tanzania. Several upcountry towns have been evacuated of foreign nationals in convoys of mainly four-wheel vehicles.

Indians who are known to be sympathisers of the Museveni regime have panicked at the turn of events as their master faces electoral defeat.

The FDC candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has assured the country that Museveni would have no capacity to resist electoral defeat or refuse to hand over.

Speaking on Radio West in a two-hour programme, Besigye said, Museveni was already in the heap of history and none should listen to his unlawful threats that would never be implemented.

Like elsewhere in Uganda, the people of Entebbe are chanting; MUSEVENI AGENDA; MUSEVENI MUGENZI!!

Smart Musolin
Entebbe (Uganda)

Free Uganda


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  • Winnie Byanyima has been admitted to Butabika mental Hospital.
    More to come...

  • Museveni rigs his way to a firth term --- what Ugandans must do

    Radio Katwe is looking for help from patriotic Ugandans frustrated at being taken for granted by dictatorial regimes and leaders.

    To do this, we must break the will of the Museveni regime so that he does not even complete his five stolen years until 2011.
    (election results not yet announced as of writing. -Ed)

    We are looking to understand Museveni totally, his history, his working methods, his scandals, his most sensitive military and intelligence secrets and operations, and the men and women who prop up his strange regime.

    We are compiling information about the mysteries and incidents listed below. Please continue to send us whatever bits of information and clues you have to add to our growing pool:

    The assassination of UFM leader Andrew Kayiira. Who masterminded the murder? Where was it planned and who coordinated the assault? Who actually pulled the trigger? What does the Scotland Yard report investigating his murder say? Who were the men who were sent on the mission to kill Dr. Kayiira? We need insider details on this murder for the public to know. This murder must be understood once and for all by Ugandans.

    The 1988 Uganda Airlines crash in Rome. What is the truth behind it? Was it really an accident or was the Museveni government involved? Did Flight Captain Stephen Walusimbi lose control of the plane or was it sabotaged? What is the background of a man called Juma Ssali who died on board? Is it true he is the man who used to wok with Museveni and Salim Saleh to forge Museveni's signature and steal money from the Ugandan treasury?

    The Uganda Airlines Boeing 707 plane seized in Yugoslavia in 1991. Do we know anything about this incident? Where were the arms on the plan going and where were they coming from? Did Amama Mbabazi play any role in it as ESO director? What was Museveni's interest in those arms?

    The murder of businessman Edward Mugalu. Why did Museveni order it? What had Mugalu done? Where did it take place and who carried it out?

    The shooting down of the plane carrying Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana and Burundi's Cyprien Ntaryamira in 1994. What do we know about this? How did Brigadier Jim Muhwezi come into the picture? When did Museveni come up with the plan to have the plane shot down? Is it really true that the man who fired the missile that downed the plane was ESO assassin Humphrey Babukika? Was RPA commander Major-General Paul Kagame involved or not?

    The assassination of RPF founding commander Fred Rwigyema in 1990. What details do we know? How were Peter Baingana and Chris Bunyenyezi involved? Where does Museveni feature in this incident? Why did Museveni bring Rwigyema's body to be kept at Mulago hospital?

    The murder of Kampala lawyer Robinah Kiyingi in 2005. Why did Museveni order her murder (if it is he who ordered it?) What did she know? What happened to the laptop computer that she had? Is it true she was shot dead by the Urban Hit Squad?

    Safe houses in Uganda. Where are these safe houses located in Uganda? What takes place inside there? Can we have the names of the Military Intelligence and ISO men who conduct the interrogation and torture of political prisoners? Who does the torturing in those safe houses? Can we have all their names, including those who were transferred to other duties?

    What are the secrets of General Salim Saleh? What is his history? Who is his real father? Which people has he killed, as far back as the bush days and FRONASA? Can we have more background into his smuggling of narcotics from East Asia? Why is he close to his aide Captain Juma Seiko? When did their relationship begin? What dirty things do they do together?

    What happened to the four Airbus planes that Uganda was supposed to have bought in 1990 or 1991? Where did Museveni put the money? Who ordered the murder of Uganda Airlines General Manager Chris Mboijana in London in 1990? How exactly did he die? Who carried out the murder?

    The death of human rights advocate and DP supporter Anthony Sekweyama. Was it really an accident? If not, what really happened? Why, if at all, did the NRM government have him killed?

    The John Garang mystery. What really happened to that helicopter? Who tampered with the altimeter of the helicopter at Entebbe airforce base? Why did the NRM government put a ban on publication of the photographs of the wreckage? What brought Garang to Uganda to meet Museveni? What did they discuss? Why did Defence Minister Amama Mbabazi refuse to escort Garang back to Juba? Why did Vice President Gilbert Bukenya receive Garang at Entebbe Airport but not see him off again when he was going back to Sudan?

    Murder of Mulago doctors in 1979. Who was or who were the gunmen carrying out Museveni's orders to kill Mulago doctors and other prominent Ugandans in 1970 and 1980 in Kampala? Who shot dead the UNLA officer, Lt. Colonel John Ruhinda at Makerere University? What was Museveni doing in the area shortly after Ruhinda's murder?

    Paulo Muwanga's death in 1991. What details do we know about the death of the former vice president Paulo Muwanga? Was he ill? Was he poisoned? What about Capt. Robert Namiti? Was he also killed by a poison injection? If these reports are true, who were the doctors or medical people carrying out these poison injection murders?

    NRA robbery of UCB Kabale in 1984. The Manager of Uganda Commercial Bank in Kabale in 1984 was Janet Kahirimbanyi and she organised with the NRA rebels to robb the bank branch of over 400 million shs. Where is she today? Who carried out the raid? Where did the money go?

    Major-General Jim Muhwezi. What is the story and background of this sly man? We know he was in Idi Amin's State Research Bureau, but in what section was he? What did he do? He was director general of intelligence from 1986 to 1996. What top secret and deadly missions did he order or execute? Can we get detailed information on him?

    The answers to these questions will give Ugandans a better idea of their history. Please begin sending your tips in.

  • "Radio Katwe", though this is an open forum,

  • Comrade Lumumba,
    Have you started drinking Whisky? Lol!
    Let Kikosi Malumu do their thing, everyone knows 1986 was a fluke!

  • You guys are good at making things up and making them look real. I am definately impressed. You could make some serious money in fiction writing. Think about it...

  • please give us more details on what is happening on the petition of the FDC paty .......think about it

  • Where do you get all this rubbish from? It is unimaginable that an intelligent human being can succumb to so much bullshit and even believe it. Hopeless, hopeless, absolutely hopeless.
    If only you could channel half the energy that you use on all this untrue propaganda on something positive, maybe we would hear of a Ugandan actually accomplishing something on the international scene (or wherever you are located)

  • please all stories about late col john ruhinda are short no full story

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