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Immunisation Money to Pay for CHOGM 2007

Virunga Mountains

Uganda Critical MediaMuseveni's minister Mike Mukula stole millions of Dollars[Donor money] meant to vaccinate and immunise children in Uganda. The Thief says, that he is not a thief but an Office Boy of a Bigger thief.

Salim Saleh's email to Mike Mukula:

Okey Mike , Fuck immunising those terrorist children.
Your New CHOGM Gig is to organise transport for the White boys and girls to do game hunting[let them shoot as many lions as they want] and see goat racing[at Munyonyo racing stable] and also see pupple Baboon anuses..maybe they might discover oil in those anuses.

This is not fiction, this is an email we intercepted.

Free Uganda

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