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Virunga Mountains

Yoweri Museveni
Uganda Critical Media
Tyrant Yoweri Museveni the Darling of Western imperialism, has been asked to celebrate Colonialism[CHOGM] in Uganda as a gesture for his genocidal activities around the continent of Africa[5million dead in Congo, Rwanda, Uganda and Sudan]. Children denied the right to be immunised because of greed, etc.
Yes, in the New world of Genocidals, the people don't matter anymore but corporations and War Crime dividends is the norm. Today, you might have the might to manipulate the world with mis-information but you'll never have the capacity to wipe our pain!

May The Souls of those Children, Mothers, Sons, Daughters, Brothers, Fathers, etc. that have been Murdered in cold blood in the name of Profit, Rest in Peace!!

Uganda Critical Media

Tyrant Museveni can just let you die a slow death in one of the infamous "safe houses" [Political prisoners under museveni die a very slow and painful death because he does not believe in the Judicial system]

Free Uganda

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