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Some Love In a Ugandan Relationship

Virunga Mountains

Most Ugandans in a relationship, don't know how to put in love. Both old and young think that a relationship is all about free sex anytime and a free meal-ticket. This sort of mindset is very deep-rooted and unhealthy as society has come to see it as the norm.

Don't rush into saying "I love you!" Take the time to realise what it is that you're saying; that it means something. Unless you can feel like this is a promise, that you will feel like this for the rest of your life, then don't say it!


Make sure you trust, admire, and respect the person you are with. Can you see being with him or her forever? Can you really talk to each other? About anything? Can you be honest with and support each other?

Do you have meaningful conversations?Do you mean something to each other?


Is the relationship exclusive[just fuckmates], serious, long-term, mature, meaningful, loving, trustful, truthful, respectful, and so on? If the answer is yes, then you may be heading towards love.

Take the physical aspect of the relationship slowly as well. This will give you time to develop other aspects of your relationship. Like the verbal, psychological, mental, emotional, affectionate, and other kinds of intimacy / closeness that has nothing to do with the physical stuff.


Don't let your life completely revolve around them. Your partner will find it sexy that you have other priorities. It's a sign of self-respect.Connect/bond - on a deeper level (than physical, etc.) with one another - let there be time for the emotional, psychological, mental, and verbal (etc.) intimacy or closeness to grow, expand, and develop (etc).

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  • loves should be fair on each other

  • Magezi,
    Has she been seating on your head?? If yes that's not fair, tell her to apologize!!!!!!!

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