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Uganda today, beauty from the Great Lakes

Virunga Mountains


Its not everyday that we spend time with a Congolese beautiful sister from Rutshuru, in diaspora [uganda] as most sisters are either scattered in refugee camps around the great lakes region, experiencing discrimination and missery from fellow africans who are too selfish to look beyond their little tribes and small clans.

Discrimination has also found its way into the Rutshuru humor: Two Congolese sisters are gossiping with their mother. The first is complaining that her Hutu husband only has intercourse with her in the missionary position, and the second is complaining about her Tutsi husband who only has intercourse doggy-style.The Mother sighs and says, “God have mercy on your father. He never discriminated against missionary position or doggy-style.”

Uganda today is here!!!

Free Uganda


  • Uganda in 20 years to come will be a continental model if it mentains it principles

  • that way, where is our future??
    if that one can also mother a child, what do you expect of the child!!
    we are going astray!!
    that is not our mode of dressing

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