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Uganda, Yoweri Museveni the Genocidal

Virunga Mountains

Yoweri Museveni

The one-thing that amazes me, is the way Allah pays back Criminals. Okey, remember that Israel Unrepentant War Criminal, Ariel Sharon,where is the Criminal now? I bet he does poop on himself and sleeps in it!

Now coming back to Africa's worst war criminal, Genocidal Yoweri Museveni, still thinks that he got away with genocide. You kidding me? It will be a crime if We ever give up-numbers are not a problem: I rather have one person fighting along-side me, than have a million cowards smiling and cheering me up!!

Yoweri museveni must be charged

The removal of a genocidal tyrant like Yoweri Museveni is not merely justifiable but is the highest duty of every true Ugandan and African.
Its our right as Ugandans to cast-out genocidal museveni by force; to use legal and constitutional methods to achieve this goal will be another way of legalising him like what we have done with his corruption, safe-houses, thieving, lies, insults, arrogance,killings, discrimination, double-dealing etc.!

Yoweri Museveni

Free Uganda


  • Museveni is many things but that is not why i comment. I read your first few lines and saw your entire world view, all i want to say is, like it or not the world revolves around Israel, Jerusalem and the Jewish people now just deal with it.

  • The world does not evolve "around Israel, Jerusalem and the Jewish people" but ignorant and twisted people do.
    That's why your twisted mind measured my entire world view on one cunt, Ariel Sharon. For your information, 75% of jewish people have said the same thing before when a poll was made and 80% are glad that he's a cabbage now because he was giving them a bad name around the world! Never undermine the power of Allah!!!

  • Allah? Don't you mean Jehovah God Almighty the one that got the Jewish people back to there homeland after 2000 years, restored hebrew after the same time span etc. I know many Jews are secular in there thinking but this is only because they brought back alot of baggage from around the world as they gathered back and what i said in my statement is as true as they get. Just turn on the news CNN, Aljazeera, Fox, BBC, all these stations disagree on many things but as much as they disagree, there daily news has to have something about Israel. Surprising, I think not. I also know we will go around in circles but it is the TRUTH and as you know IT ALWAYS PREVAILS.
    And about your world view, here is what i have to say "Tell me what you think about Israel and i will tell you how you interprete all world events today" believe me, go to apocalypsediary.blogspot.com and see what i mean.

  • go hang yourslef for not likeing museveni over 60% of ugandans still love him anyway you fuckin looser

  • museveni is the great because he has let fools like you to play around him. Remember power comes from God an insult to a leader is an insult to God . Remember idi who? AMIN i shudder

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