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Why Kizza Besigye was Clobbered!

Virunga Mountains

Do you ever wonder why a man that hallucinates he’s the best thing for Ugandans to invest in their future, would be beaten-up by the youth in day light like a chicken thief? Of course not because the mainstream media has not told you the truth because they’re part and parcel of that machine that wants Ugandans to remain under the thumb of Monarchists and their developmental visions don’t see beyond East-Africa. In fact they’ve managed to convince you that the Kabaka is doing you a favour by letting you live in Uganda because Buganda owns Uganda and therefore you should worship him!

Much has been said by Besigye’s sycophants and publicists about the Kiboko squad(stick-wielding youth), but the true story remains that Ugandans were protesting by clobbering Museveni’s mole in Project Fagiya Uganda(Clean Uganda Dry) Kabisa.

What did Besigye expect from wanainchi(populace), when they were being insulted by the Bloody Hero’s Medal Honoring , then comes fat lips to add more insult to injury-that his wife and their lot have already put on Ugandans. Its the norm for FDC hooligans hiding behind the banner of political demonstrations to usually go on a frenzy of; raping,vandalism ,targeting Ugandans with long noses and forcing them to sing Mengo tribal songs.

This time Kizza Besigye thought that he would use the cover of Inter-Party Cooperation (IPC) demonstration to demand for the dismissal of the electoral commission of whose work in the recent Mukono North by-elections was largely considered by his team to be authentic,thus the electoral commission was good!

What is so Fake about the entire project is its architecture; Museveni’s girlfriend(winnie Byanyima), fat-girl & Spy(Anna Mugisha), Opportunistic Olara Ottunu, Gay Activists,etc.

Inter-Party Cooperation (IPC) is Besigye and FDC is guiding  visionless politicians from other parties to endorse  a clique of NRM rejects as the future of Uganda.

In fact the entire project gashes-out undemocratic tendencies – FDC’s  dictatorial mind is always recycled and peddled as IPC collective mind, Norbert Mao’s proposals and freedom of speech is always dismissed as hypocritical,No referendum was held to ask Ugandans if  IPC is what they want, etc.

Ugandan elite are like maggots fighting  for a rotten dog, they hate the new and future-that’s why we still have the Mutesa’s, Obote’s and Amin’s men still clinging on Ugandans as if we owe them a living. Bastards!!

With this sort of expired brains, Uganda can never develop because the generation of 5 decade ago will never bring anything new on the table nor work towards a united Uganda but pockets of privileged tribes men, because they lack modern social skills-that can be used to see beyond their tribe and transform society-thus, they’re holding Ugandans at ransom so we can worship them like in the 19th century-GO FUCK YOURSELVES!

Do you expect the civil servants to do their jobs diligently when the elite is constantly singing in tribalism tones that they want their land back,go back where you came from,our tribe is superior,etc. Of course not but  demoralised worker would do anything desperate like substandard work,deep their hands in the till(Corruption), torch buildings/schools, etc. because they have to work for a living to feed their dependants.

Thus you end up with a workforce that is not fulfilling positive objectives but false obligations that are completely meaningless and represent no value to the customers-the people of Uganda.

  • Demoralised workers produce rubbish goods and services.
  • Demoralised workers cease to add value.
  • Demoralised workers are unpatriotic.
  • Demoralised workers love to gossip about foreign football and who has a new car,etc
  • The demoralisation hits the economy so hard, that the bosses start stealing from other bosses.

Like a classic tribal goon, Besigye thought he would come ..swagging his fat lips with IPC lipstick, …claiming that he was a victim of Museveni’s injustice, while his wife was giving museveni a blow job for a medal that is stained with the blood of Ugandans!!!

If yesterday the IPC gave you victory in Mbale and Mukono by-elections, then how comes you haven’t rejected the results??

Ugandans wake Up!!!!

Free Uganda

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