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Yoweri Museveni and Paul Kagame

Virunga Mountains

Dictator Yoweri Museveni

The western Governments considers this cold blooded killer a messiah in development, as long as their Alibaba caves(plundered minerals and oil fields) are safe, the tyrant can kill and kill till he feels dizzy... The African Killing fields from Congo to Central Africa, Sudan, Somalia and of course Uganda, are still very profitable for murderer Yoweri Museveni. Every murder he commits, his grip on power is assured by his pathetic Western backers. yoweri Museveni

Tyrant Yoweri Museveni Makes Tyrant  Gadaffi Look Like Mother Theresa

How can we forget the killing of innocent protester in Uganda this year-the killing of innocent women, men, children and elderly in Central Africa and then blaming the Lords Resistance Army as it would be belivable-the endless systematic killings of innocent Somali people and blaming the youth fighters(Al-shabab) as they've bragged to be Al-Qaeda and have been packaged well with a glossy coating by Anti-Somali forces. The fact remains, Al Shabab is not Al Qaeda and has never been-just bragging to get the youth support as the youth are very impressed by the Al Qaeda romantic revolutionary Orthodoxy. Maybe I'll have to write a full post for this, that's if the Admin lets me--please, I beg!!! ]

The African Genocide authors

However,the killing of innocent people in order to have access to free resources is the most dumb thing the western governments have ever invented after syphilis

Tyrant Museveni runs hundreds of illegal underground detention centers around the country

Today in Uganda, they're thousands of innocent people that are locked up in illegal detentions that are out of the judicial system control. Most of the prisoners are political detainees and whose only crime has been that of questioning the way Uganda is run.

The damage the Tyrant has inflicted on our country will take minimum 20 years to bring some sort of sanity.

This Art represents the wrongs in our present day Uganda-a country run by a gang of thieves and a leadership that survives by the sword;spilling blood and more blood of innocent people wherever it goes.

6 million People have died in Congo because of Paul Kagame & Yoweri Museveni thirst for Blood

Sometimes you wonder why this duo is the most arrogant cold blooded pair ever walked the face of the earth. The answer is very simple-when you have murdered millions of innocent people in cold blood, your brains tend to be in a permanent psychotic mode. The most important thing everyone should understand is that the pair are just a bunch of murderers whose time will come soon. Those that think it will never happen, are just in self-denial-the wheels of change, are already in motion.

To be continued

joram jojo

Free Uganda

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