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The Rwanda Drone Delivery System is a Gimmick

Virunga Mountains

The latest and best gimmicks can only be found in the Banana Republic of Rwanda, and that's why you see any crook that wants to test their DIY takes it to Rwanda as it helps the regime to cleanse itself from the reality -facing the People of Rwanda. Today, the world depending on your intelligence, are made to believe that Rwanda is the first country in the world to use drones to deliver services to its people.

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The Rwandan autocratic regime has found it necessary and beneficial to use drones as a Publicity stunt, to cover up its incompetence and mismanagement when it comes to service delivery. The fact remains that Rwanda's priority should not be a delivery drones-transport system that Paul Kagame and his friends happen to have financial shares in, but a proper functioning public service with; dispensaries,ambulances,medication,motivated medical staff, and a free service as 90% of the Rwandans still live in abject poverty.

While 70% of Rwandans will not be able to afford or receive basic medical services, due to hallmarks of bad leadership in Rwanda. The Rwanda professional parasites will be singing to media houses that:

Kagame Launches First Ever Drone Delivery Service

This type of headline will be plastered everywhere by Paul Kagame Propaganda machine, and of course millions of Rwanda taxpayers monies will be exchanged among different crooks as a dividend.

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Delivery drones have been around for some time

Instead what we have taking place in Rwanda today, is a village mentality of showing-off any little acquisition, thus a new ideology of "Come and See" has become the norm of the Rwanda dictatorship. The use of publicity gimmicks by criminal Paul Kagame, has become the main life-line of the Regime and its collaborators.

The truth remains that; Dictator Paul Kagame and his friends don't see Rwandans as a people that deserve better, but a product that is their to be aggressively exploited.

In today's world of misinformation, one is made to believe that its Rwanda that has pioneered drone delivery systems in the world. This is another big lie being peddled by the Paul kagame propaganda machine and its foreign legion of Dictator Lovers, mainly Anglo-Saxons.

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Its very easy to design an autonomous aerial vehicle, using a handful of open source projects, and an HTML5 web application to navigate it.

Its also very true, for sometime there has been a pilot scheme of fishing communities in Cape Verde using drones to drop fishing nets. In Huambo, Angola the government is also using a pilot scheme to deliver medicine to local dispensaries, but they don't go to the media and sing about it, like how Paul kagame and his parrots keep doing....

So, Rwanda is not the first in the world to use delivery drones, but the first to use it as a propaganda tool.

However, the main purpose of those poor quality drones ,is all about publicity for the regime and Zipline inc. Because Rwanda health service lacks enough medication in their stock piles, and the story keeps changing-first it was blood delivery, of which there’s a shortage. Then came medicine....now its general delivery.
Today, drone delivery systems can be assembled by any DIY enthusiasts in their bed room.

An autocratic regime such as the one in Rwanda, needs all the publicity it can get to remain relevant. Soon you'll hear that Paul Kagame has visited the space shuttle to do Umuganda, community work that was introduced by the regime of Habyarimana.


Joram Jojo

Free Uganda

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