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Uganda news

Virunga Mountains

Like we promised before, the media centre has arrived!
This platform empowers you with jounalistic skills-you're able to publish a story using the following medias; Video, audio and text.

This is an open source publishing platform-No passwords or Membership!

We're still waiting for the state terrorist to come and destroy because that is the only job they're left with.

Thankyou for all your support.


Free Uganda


  • Welldone at last we have a real not commercial media in Uganda. 90% of the media in uganda is run by foreigners, government spies and the army. The media in uganda is answerable to capitalists and swindlers. We hope you dont also become greedy and forget the grassroot.

  • Hello Lilian, what do you said about this;"Wage-earners are but slaves to the masters who hire them. They are temporary slaves, and their slavery lasts as long as they work for wages from employers, be they individuals or the state. The workers' relationship to the owner or the productive establishment, and to their own interests, is similar under all prevailing conditions in the world today, regardless of whether ownership is right or left. Even publicly-owned establishments give workers wages as well as other social benefits, similar to the charity endowed by the rich owners of economic establishments upon those who work for them."

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