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Uganda anarchists dump FDC!

Virunga Mountains

We have decided to stop supporting FORUM FOR DEMOCRATIC CHANGE "FDC".
Groups that don't repect the parents of this nation don't deserve to be respected and supported at the same time by us. THe following primitive actions don't have room in a modern Uganda!
FDC fans disrupt Miria’s rally.
We once said on radiorhino.org/forum that we shall be very upset when Sam Njuba and his people( FDC "REFORM AGENDA) start playing: "Bulli mwana na nyina" Selfish!!

FDC Should apologise to Mamaa Miria Obote!

ROWDY fans of FDC presidential candidate Kizza Besigye on Thursday forced UPC presidential candidate Miria Kalule Obote to flee a rally in Sembabule district.
On her way to Sembabule, Miria found a rally at Mbirizi near the road to Sembabule, being addressed by Besigye.

She was allowed to continue with her journey to Sembabule. However, along the way, Miria came across several Besigye fans holding tree branches. Upon arrival in the outskirts of Matete town in Sembabule, overzealous Besigye fans told her to leave the place.

"I don't know why he was there. His rowdy supporters were hostile to us and wanted to cause an accident," Miria said after the incident.
"His supporters sat on the bonnet of one of our cars in the convoy and said we are talking hogwash," added the UPC candidate.

Miria then had to abandon a rally she was supposed to address and headed towards Masaka where she made a number of stopovers to address her supporters.
She later on returned to Kampala.

Miria said she would petition the Electoral Commission over the incident."
According to the EC programme, Miria was supposed to campaign in Sembabule while Besigye was supposed to campaign in Hoima district.
According to the EC rules, two presidential candidates cannot carry out a concurrent campaign in one locality.

FDC spokesperson Wafula Oguttu said, " Besigye has been having problems with courts. So he has to go nearby so that he goes to court, it was not deliberate. We are under the G6 coalition and he must be sorry."
EC spokesman Okello Jabweli was unavailable for comment.

Free Uganda


  • Museveni ‘invades’ Ssebaana

    Publication date: Monday, 6th February, 2006

    CANCELLED: Ssebaana
    By Frank Mugabi
    The Democratic Party (DP) presidential candidate, John Ssebaana Kizito, was on Friday forced to cancel his campaign in West Nile after President Yoweri museveni took his to the same region.
    Crowds that had lined the streets of Pakwach town to welcome Ssebaana were taken by surprise when Museveni’s security detail, led by heavily-armed troops of the PGB and Maj. Kakooza Mutale took over the town, making quick arrangements for Museveni’s arrival.
    DP officials were baffled as they kept communicating on phone, while Mutale led his troops of the Yellow band and the Yellow bus through the streets. A number of people, especially children, joined in.
    Ssebaana was scheduled to start campaign in the region from Pakwach town through Nebbi, Arua, Koboko, Yumbe, Moyo and Adjumani districts, but was disrupted by Museveni, who altered his Karamoja region campaign, fearing the meningitis outbreak.
    Ssebaana’s campaign team said they were planning to petition the Electoral Commission over Museveni’s “intrusion”.
    “We were not consulted by Museveni’s people. We are forced to go to a different place because definitely, our supporters will clash if we go to the same place,” the source said.
    Ssebaana later took his campaign to Kiboga and Mubende when he learnt that Museveni had travelled by helicopter and reached Pakwach before him.
    Many of Ssebaana’s supporters returned home, leaving the streets to NRM enthusiasts.
    This was the second time Ssebaana called off his campaign in the West Nile region.
    Two weeks earlier, Ssebaana was advised by his officials in Nebbi not to hold any rallies in the district because they lacked funds to mobilise party officials and supporters.

  • Oh dear dear, FDC and NRMO have always been the same. FDC has no program outside NRM maybe a different Bank account. Besigye helped build the criminal army of Yoweri Museveni and Besigye was one of those criminals that approved the sending of UPDF killers to Zaire. Uganda will never be free till all NRM & FDC are gone. Ever taken a good look at Kiza Besigye? He looks like a chimpanzee that has run out of bananas.

    Fellow UGandans, do you really want to be ruled by a Chimpanze? My advice to you is dont go to vote. Just make sure you stock food or live Uganda, because NRMO & FDC are going to start killing each other.

  • Uganda politics is like a dirty toilet with shit on the floor. The shit being the politicians and the flies the gullible ugandans. Welcome to the sewer of Africa!

  • Armed struggle not Politicking is the only way forward. They came with the gun and that's the way we should send them packing. Anarchists Sisters think that We should work with political parties (not being sex..) but these ugandan girls are keeping some of us behind, the wheels of the revolution need to be moving not packed infront of parliamentarians and political wankers. We should be targeting those assets that keep political criminals breathing!

  • Right Lydia, FDC & NRMO Have One Thing In Common. THey all Run to The White Man For Help! FDC Is sleeping in Bed With The Racist British Conservative PArty. NRMO HAs KIlled Millions Of Africans In the Interest Of the White Man's Greed For Minerals. FDC intends to give a retirement Package to Museveni when they "Get Power". What Happened to Justice, Where is the Justice for The Millions who Died In Luwero, Congo, Sudan And Northern Uganda at the Hands Of Yoweri Nyandwi Museveni? Where are All Uganda Assets?

  • Well am glad the confusing party FDC is going down!!!
    and it will go real down.
    Those who hate NRM and SAY BAD STUFF TOO BAD.

  • i think the writer was aperson who has taken part in the corruption of this government but i argue all Ugandans 2 keep strong that any time we a getting rid of this GOVERNMENT

  • i encourage all fdc supporters that even we are halsed everything has got it's own time meaning anytime from now this undemocratic gov't is diminishing and we shall question them just keep burning we a left with few days 2 get 2 power with conel thx wewe 2 all ugandans

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