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Congolese Happy, Celebrates Noble Mayombo's Death

Virunga Mountains

Uganda criminals

Good Riddance Noble Mayombo!

Free Uganda


  • YOU CANNOT SAY THAT!!!! You cannot take away the brilliance of the man Mayombo. I had been a keen follower of his life and arguments and he made sense all the time. We need to de-attach the wrongs of the system from the individuals that serve it. There are some good people you know, and i will never be convinced mayombo was a bad man. b'se if he was bad, then besigye is worse.

  • Good people don't supervise genocides, plunder and rent a house in Ntinda from men like Araah Mutooro to torture fellow human beings! Good men don't share girlfriends and drinks with known torturer of people like Major Herbert Makanga.
    Hitler too did make loads of sense to many europeans when he did opened his fuckin mouth.
    Criminal Mayombo should have deserted Yoswa Tibuhurwa (alias Yoweri Museveni) just like Besigye "Kisigazi", Fred Rwigyema, etc did. The fact remains, Yoswa Tibuhurwa did not poison Mayombo as it has been said by certain circles-soon it will be Yoswa Tibuhurwa's turn!!

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