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Cabinda's Road to Independence

Virunga Mountains

From the modern war in Angola, we know the confrontations between the Government troops and those of UNITA. However, the most deadly fights which are blood-staining the land of Angola are now being fought between people of Angola and of… Cabinda. For the first time a coverage team has been allowed to join the FLEC-FLAC guerrillas, letting the world know a mostly forgotten war that has been fought over 20 years within the African land.
Luanda says "Cabinda belongs to us"; to the inhabitants of Cabinda the slogan "Angola belongs to us" is similar to the one Salazar used on his speeches. The conditions leading to confrontations are created - Luanda sends thousands of soldiers to Cabinda and Cabinda replies with the old and traditional sentence "Independence or death". This is a coverage concerning a war spoken in Portuguese and to which Portugal’s arbitration is being asked by the people of Cabinda.

The President of the Republic of Cabinda His Excellency N’Zita Henriques Tiago visiting the Defence Armed Forces of Cabinda FAC in the liberated areas of Cabinda, the Revolutionary Forces of the Republic of Cabinda controls 85% of the total area of the Country and Nation of Cabinda.

"Independence or death"

War is placed upon us, by the despot and other opportunists are taking advantage of the brutal uninvited and illegal occupation of the territory of Cabinda to Rape and Plunder the natural resources of the Cabindan Nation. War is forced upon as and I call to all Cabindas to take courage and join the ranks of the Armed Resistance, to stop once and for all this regretful misfortune that our Nation lives in present times, there seems to be no end to greed, there seems to be no Ethical, Moral or Humanitarian concerns for the welfare of the native population of Cabinda. May GOD the almighty curse to the eternity of times all those that Rape, Plunder and invade our ancestral Land of Cabinda.

Free Uganda

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