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Uganda needs Real Change and not Kizza Besigye!

Virunga Mountains


Why do Ugandans have to put up with a rotten government made of thieves and proffesional criminals, are soldiers today cowards to topple such a regime, or has UPDF become an Army of cowards[girls] and they fear to die? Cowards will never be known by anyone because they will die losers!

Fellow Ugandans, if you're waiting for Kizza Besigye and his FDC to liberate you, just continue sleeping and dreaming because Besigye and Museveni are the same people[sadists]: The GAVI thief "Gen" Jim Muhwezi, Chats with Besigye three times in a week. FDC are left-overs of museveni and their chief mobilisers, Mugisha Muntu, murdered many Ugandans in Cold Blood and he enjoys breaking people's knee-caps.That's why many young people went into exile during 1989 & 1990, to escape his brutality,[he suffocated many ugandans of Rwandese and Luo Origin] Do we really want to go backward or forwards? Fellow Ugandans, think about it!!

We call upon the Female Gold-diggers Brigade, to start being active...the holiday is over, Saa ya Kazi!
How to exploit politicians

How to exploit politicians

How to exploit politicians

Don't forget to memorise his Debit card numbers, both in the front and back[the 4 digits]!!

Free Uganda


  • i think baganda are nothing less than mere assholes, aren't they??

    they don't know what they want. they follow everyone. they're like scavengers - they even follow dead bodies!

    Baganda people are lazy,
    hypocrites, they're thives,
    they're assholes,
    they don't knw how to make money,
    they always complain,
    u just give them food and they'll support u, they can see somethin bad and do nothin about it,
    they say m7 is bad...thats the only thing they knw,
    they don't want to hussle,
    they like spending the whole day infront of a tv,
    they like good things but don't want to work hard,
    they con everyone - even babies,
    they even steal from their own pockets,
    they hate showering - that causes them to stink,
    they like fucking - alot,
    they like movies - but only when u translate
    they like wearing sandals, they don't even brush their teeth,
    most of them are ugly,
    they think that their king is a pure muganda kumbe the dude is a mcholi, DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!
    they're everything bad.

    sorry baganda! mweddeko naye mulimbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa matako mwe komanina.

    agaganda tegagala kola naye mukulya...hoooo
    gagenda kubuli lumbe.
    gegasosa agabuto kubuli mbaga.
    ate galya galinga misege. agagandaaaaaaaaaaaa mwantamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    yours sincerely
    FDC UK chapter.

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