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Learn to talk to a Ugandan girl

Virunga Mountains

Shyness can be a very annoying disability to most people. Shyness can mean missing out on good and beautiful things. Alchoholics and drug users are a classical example of being shy and needing a fix to overcome that disability. Most women are very shy and have to use make-up to camourflage their shyness. Many people miss-out on great love because they're shy and can't make that first move. Traditionally, Ugandan men had to fight for them or show off agreat talent like hunting the best Beast!

Make sure you are alone or at least not as likely to be disturbed.

Don't let the conversation die down!Do not ever, ever, insult her in any way. Also, do not ever ask her why she is so quiet/shy. There is no answer to that question, and the shy girl will feel uncomfortable.

Get up the courage to go and ask for her name if you don't already know it. If you do then either pretend you don't, or say something on the lines of 'you must be....'

Keep the conversation going. Ask various things like: 'you must be new here', 'do you know many people here?', 'would you like to go for a drink at dinner, as my plans have got cancelled etc.

Don't ask too much questions, but tell her other things too, like say some things about yourself and most likely she will either reply to the things you said or make a comment about it. She might even say something about herself.

Don't act too nervous or the conversation will seem very awkward.
Act natural. When you're acting natural, it will be easier to keep the conversation flowing, and maybe you will even say something funny.

Things You'll Need: Courage, a few topics to talk about, possibly money,funny public figures and maybe some of your music collection

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  • how can i know you

  • how can i know you

  • Its nice to see and before that must talk.


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