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Resistance - Page 4

  • Yoweri Museveni's Priorities

    Virunga Mountains

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     Every month Dictator Museveni announces a new priority for his bottle-necked regime.However,the public priority bottle has never reached the neck as regime pigs have to be fed first.

    uganda,uganda art,yoweri museveni,museveni,uganda human rights,uganda freedom,free uganda,ugandans,uganda artists,uganda politics,uganda gays,gay rights in uganda

    Its only in Uganda where teachers,nurses,doctors and the youth are not considered a priority.

    yoweri museveni,president Museveni,Yoweri Kaguta Museveni,Dictator Museveni,Kaguta Museveni

    Instead of waiting for Dictator Museveni's bottleneck fantasy, it should be our priority to send him packing.

    yoweri museveni,president Museveni,Yoweri Kaguta Museveni,Dictator Museveni,Kaguta Museveni

    The Uganda political landscape is built on hereditary ideology-that's why Uganda still has politicians that started running the country in the 1960's, still around and feeding Uganda with the same bullshit.

    uganda,uganda art,yoweri museveni,museveni,uganda human rights,uganda freedom,free uganda,ugandans,uganda artists,uganda politics,uganda gays,gay rights in uganda

    The development of Uganda has gone 50 years back and the entire country is in a very sorry state, that it will need another 50 years to fix it. This should not be blamed on the leadership alone, but the elite class- because of their greed and selfishness, they've nurtured one of the most lethal and brutal regime ever walked the face of Africa.

    uganda,uganda art,yoweri museveni,museveni,uganda human rights,uganda freedom,free uganda,ugandans,uganda artists,uganda politics,uganda gays,gay rights in uganda

    That's why Dictator Museveni has been able to exploit that weakness of Ugandans and he can even brag as if he owns Uganda.

    uganda,uganda art,yoweri museveni,museveni,uganda human rights,uganda freedom,free uganda,ugandans,uganda artists,uganda politics,uganda gays,gay rights in uganda

    The Dictator has the nerve to boast that:

    "Ugandans on the other hand are lazy by nature. They have an abundance of resources here to start from and numerous examples to borrow a leaf from but they haven't moved, May be they need some special spectacles to help them see where wealth is. If it’s about mathematics, Ugandans have perfectly mastered the subtraction and division signs while our friends here from the outside countries have mastered the addition and multiplication ones. This has become an epidemic now. Some people work hard and put together a lot of wealth, but they bring forth stupid children who come and squander all the hard-earned wealth"

    yoweri museveni,president Museveni,Yoweri Kaguta Museveni,Dictator Museveni,Kaguta Museveni

    Joram Jojo

    Free Uganda
  • Rwanda Useless President

    Virunga Mountains

    Abanyarwanda, africa, Akazu, Byumba, colonel Patrick Karegeya, Congo, Congo Genocide, Democratic Republic of Congo, General Charles Kayonga, General Kayumba, hutu, James Kabarebe, janet kagame, jannet kagame, Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame, Joseph Sebarenzi, Juvenal Habyarimana, Kagame's Crimes, Kayumba Nyamwasa, Opportunities to invest in Rwanda, Pasteur Bizimungu, RPF, Rudasingwa, Rwanda Defence Forces, rwanda ,Congo Crimes, Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, Jeannette Kagame, Paul kagame, RDC, Rwanda, Rwanda Patriotic Army, Rwanda Press

    We would like to take this moment to apologise to readers of this blog for having been absent for a while. The main reason was not fear or abandoning the cause, but a feasibility study and observation of the dictatorship and the region. The way we observed the mindset of Criminal Paul kagame, several observations were made, and today we shall analyse one of them

    What we discovered was that, criminal Paul Kagame has five active parts of the brain:

    • Criminal
    • Inferiority Complex
    • Greed
    • Obsessiveness
    • Fear and Cowardly

    Abanyarwanda, africa, Akazu, Byumba, colonel Patrick Karegeya, Congo, Congo Genocide, Democratic Republic of Congo, General Charles Kayonga, General Kayumba, hutu, James Kabarebe, janet kagame, jannet kagame, Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame, Joseph Sebarenzi, Juvenal Habyarimana, Kagame's Crimes, Kayumba Nyamwasa, Opportunities to invest in Rwanda, Pasteur Bizimungu, RPF, Rudasingwa, Rwanda Defence Forces, rwanda ,Congo Crimes, Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, Jeannette Kagame, Paul kagame, RDC, Rwanda, Rwanda Patriotic Army, Rwanda Press

    Today we shall discuss the looseness of his brain that happens to be the criminal part-due to its characteristic of expanding like a bubble, it tends to trigger other parts .We promise to discuss the rest extensively in our coming issues.

    We found that, his criminal part of the brain was like a useless chewing gum that is toxic and a nuisance to society, as its fond of finding its way on everything and everywhere. The reason why we use this example of a useless chewing gum, is from the observation we've made over a number of years.

    Abanyarwanda, africa, Akazu, Byumba, colonel Patrick Karegeya, Congo, Congo Genocide, Democratic Republic of Congo, General Charles Kayonga, General Kayumba, hutu, James Kabarebe, janet kagame, jannet kagame, Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame, Joseph Sebarenzi, Juvenal Habyarimana, Kagame's Crimes, Kayumba Nyamwasa, Opportunities to invest in Rwanda, Pasteur Bizimungu, RPF, Rudasingwa, Rwanda Defence Forces, rwanda ,Congo Crimes, Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, Jeannette Kagame, Paul kagame, RDC, Rwanda, Rwanda Patriotic Army, Rwanda Press

     Like a useless chewing gum, Dictator Paul kagame has no shame at betraying anyone. When you buy chewing gum, most of the time its all packaged nice and appealing. Just like criminal Paul Kagame, the first time you meet him, he comes across as innocent and with an out going personality.But after a while, you come to realise that your assumption of him was very wrong,and his a hardcore violent criminal.

    The main reason why one would want to put a chewing gum in their mouth, is to clear the bad smell, and not feel guilty that they smell and stink. Thus, anyone you see praising and worshiping Criminal Paul Kagame and putting him in their mouths like some sort of chewing gum, are guilty of; tax evasion,money laundering,war crimes,extortion,plundering Congo,child abuse,rape, child sacrifice,devil worshiping and running religious cults,etc.

     Now you can understand why Criminal Paul Kagame is loved and worshiped by regional and international criminals. Thus,by hanging around an African Mafioso boss, and fronting him to the unsuspecting public as a visionary,Messiah,buddy,mate,comrade, sophisticated, Rwanda magician…you can always add more here. This makes them feel relaxed from any guilt that they might be suffering from. Thus, the Banana republic autocrat, becomes a form of therapy.

    Abanyarwanda, africa, Akazu, Byumba, colonel Patrick Karegeya, Congo, Congo Genocide, Democratic Republic of Congo, General Charles Kayonga, General Kayumba, hutu, James Kabarebe, janet kagame, jannet kagame, Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame, Joseph Sebarenzi, Juvenal Habyarimana, Kagame's Crimes, Kayumba Nyamwasa, Opportunities to invest in Rwanda, Pasteur Bizimungu, RPF, Rudasingwa, Rwanda Defence Forces, rwanda ,Congo Crimes, Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, Jeannette Kagame, Paul kagame, RDC, Rwanda, Rwanda Patriotic Army, Rwanda Press

    "Over the years the glamour of Hollywood and the glamour of the underworld and organized crime have often crossed paths.
    Gotti was a Mafia superstar in the 1980s, always elegantly dressed and not the least bit camera-shy. Throngs of admirers lined up in front of the Rav-enite Social Club just to get a glimpse. Andy Warhol painted Gotti’s picture for the cover of Time magazine."

    History teaches us that crime bosses, Mafiosos, Mobsters, and Gangsters have always been celebrated in the west and their life stories became movies on our big screens, ie, The godfather,Carlito’s Way,etc.are one of the best selling movies. Now you can understand why criminal Paul Kagame is always around celebrities and his brats(off springs) hanging around the likes of spice girls-as not all children of Presidents and Kings/Queens hang around celebs. Ask yourself, a country that barely produces anything and depends on begging other nations, what else could people want from its leadership??

    Abanyarwanda, africa, Akazu, Byumba, colonel Patrick Karegeya, Congo, Congo Genocide, Democratic Republic of Congo, General Charles Kayonga, General Kayumba, hutu, James Kabarebe, janet kagame, jannet kagame, Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame, Joseph Sebarenzi, Juvenal Habyarimana, Kagame's Crimes, Kayumba Nyamwasa, Opportunities to invest in Rwanda, Pasteur Bizimungu, RPF, Rudasingwa, Rwanda Defence Forces, rwanda ,Congo Crimes, Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, Jeannette Kagame, Paul kagame, RDC, Rwanda, Rwanda Patriotic Army, Rwanda Press

    We see them fronting criminal Paul kagame as a visionary leader and as the best thing to have ever emerged from the dark continent of Africa(Sorry, I’m not insulting you guys, but that’s what those fools claim). Thus,the support of murderous rebel groups in neighboring Congo DRC and the running of assassins around the world by Criminal Paul Kagame, is something they admire much. However, with numerous digital information platforms, the citizens of the world are able to research and creatively select the truth from the main sewers of lies that are run by his band of worshipers.

    Abanyarwanda, africa, Akazu, Byumba, colonel Patrick Karegeya, Congo, Congo Genocide, Democratic Republic of Congo, General Charles Kayonga, General Kayumba, hutu, James Kabarebe, janet kagame, jannet kagame, Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame, Joseph Sebarenzi, Juvenal Habyarimana, Kagame's Crimes, Kayumba Nyamwasa, Opportunities to invest in Rwanda, Pasteur Bizimungu, RPF, Rudasingwa, Rwanda Defence Forces, rwanda ,Congo Crimes, Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, Jeannette Kagame, Paul kagame, RDC, Rwanda, Rwanda Patriotic Army, Rwanda Press

    That’s why like a useless chewing gum, Criminal Paul Kagame is a waste of space and Irrelevant to Banyarwanda;Yesterday,today,tomorrow, and forever!!!!!!!!!

    After chewing and spitting out a useless gum that is now hurting your jaws and making you thirsty, if you’re not lucky, it will try to stick on your nose or chin or else, it finds its next victim it can stick on as long as its anything it will cling-on till its forcefully removed.

    Abanyarwanda, africa, Akazu, Byumba, colonel Patrick Karegeya, Congo, Congo Genocide, Democratic Republic of Congo, General Charles Kayonga, General Kayumba, hutu, James Kabarebe, janet kagame, jannet kagame, Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame, Joseph Sebarenzi, Juvenal Habyarimana, Kagame's Crimes, Kayumba Nyamwasa, Opportunities to invest in Rwanda, Pasteur Bizimungu, RPF, Rudasingwa, Rwanda Defence Forces, rwanda ,Congo Crimes, Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, Jeannette Kagame, Paul kagame, RDC, Rwanda, Rwanda Patriotic Army, Rwanda Press

    When people decide to part company with Paul kagame due to his criminality,arrogance,cheapness,and violence,etc.  He will go to any means to stick on their chin,nose,clothes,business,friends,everything and everywhere. Thus, he becomes desperate and a public nuisance-just like a useless chewing gum that has been spat-out, he will always try to make his presence known on the pavements/floors/walls/seats, etc. that’s why some countries have put in place laws that protects the public and property from chewing gum nuisance. Today, some democratic countries are on the look out for Kagame’s nuisance.

    Abanyarwanda, africa, Akazu, Byumba, colonel Patrick Karegeya, Congo, Congo Genocide, Democratic Republic of Congo, General Charles Kayonga, General Kayumba, hutu, James Kabarebe, janet kagame, jannet kagame, Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame, Joseph Sebarenzi, Juvenal Habyarimana, Kagame's Crimes, Kayumba Nyamwasa, Opportunities to invest in Rwanda, Pasteur Bizimungu, RPF, Rudasingwa, Rwanda Defence Forces, rwanda ,Congo Crimes, Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, Jeannette Kagame, Paul kagame, RDC, Rwanda, Rwanda Patriotic Army, Rwanda Press

    What we have residing in Rwanda and claiming to be their leader, is a cold blooded killer that is pathetically trotting the world to market himself as a product for a good cause and reason. Nonsense!

    That’s why we have Rwanda Tax Payers jets being used as his personal property and picking useless foreign students around the world and flying them to Rwanda as pawns in a disinformation project-thus, they pour more salt on the wounds of Banyarwanda that have never healed. 

    Now you can understand why Universities associated with Paul kagame are not producing quality graduates that can be productive in the real world. Thus, no employer in this world, would want to give a job to a graduate that has had their field study in Paul Kagame’s Autocracy. As any descent and visionary company makes it one of its ethos to follow world events and tell facts from propaganda. Thus, they’re able to read between the lines- apart from Killing, plundering Congo and begging the international community for donations and grants, what else does Paul Kagame’s government know??

    Abanyarwanda, africa, Akazu, Byumba, colonel Patrick Karegeya, Congo, Congo Genocide, Democratic Republic of Congo, General Charles Kayonga, General Kayumba, hutu, James Kabarebe, janet kagame, jannet kagame, Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame, Joseph Sebarenzi, Juvenal Habyarimana, Kagame's Crimes, Kayumba Nyamwasa, Opportunities to invest in Rwanda, Pasteur Bizimungu, RPF, Rudasingwa, Rwanda Defence Forces, rwanda ,Congo Crimes, Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, Jeannette Kagame, Paul kagame, RDC, Rwanda, Rwanda Patriotic Army, Rwanda Press

    It will amaze you how many times, Dictator Paul Kagame has spent with the Rwandan people doing and saying good things as compared to foreign countries.The only time we can remember him spending time with Banyarwanda, is when they’re being humiliated, threatened with death, verbally abused, and of-course murdered. That’s what foreign worshipers call visionary leadership-imagine a fool that sponges on Rwanda tax payers, and foreign donations in the name of Banyarwanda treating them like nothing.

    Such a person deserves to be put chini ya urinzi and later before a firing squad-end of story. Really, for how long are members of RDF going to be cowards??

    The last few months, Dictator Paul Kagame has been trying to make himself relevant to a clique of people around the world-we saw him waffling in Davos Switzerland, to a bunch of  elite crooks tacked away in a 3rd class workshop. Then there was the other gathering of village chiefs and governors in kenya  and the Cape Verde casino. Of-course, what Banyarwanda have failed to realise or even understand, is the benefit behind all those trips and praises.

    The one thing people should understand is that- its not Rwanda benefiting, but criminal Paul Kagame. At no point will you ever hear the selected audience praising Banyarwanda and their hard-work, but what we keep hearing…its all about Paul Kagame this…Kagame that… Thus, they’re all swimming in criminal Paul Kagame’s cesspool of feces and plotting how to enslave Banyarwanda.

    The failure for Rwanda leadership to put its people first- is not accidental, but a design and deep belief in inferiority complex. The rogue band of Kagame worshipers tend to ask him, how he has managed to perform his invisible miracles?? Really, if Rwanda had its own home grown solutions, then why would a poor country that relies on begging other nations, spend a fortune on foreign public relations crooks- to clean Paul Kagame’s vices that are known by even the youngest child in Congo and Rwanda??

    Does spending $16,000 a night on a hotel room in New York by Paul Kagame, mount to a Rwandan home grown solution on accommodation?

    Has any of those people singing the Paul Kagame’s miracle bothered to research and read about the economic indicators. ie. income par capita of Rwandans between 1980-1990, access to social services,social harmony,etc. if Yes, then why is Rwanda state today, the biggest beggar on the African continent??

    Abanyarwanda, africa, Akazu, Byumba, colonel Patrick Karegeya, Congo, Congo Genocide, Democratic Republic of Congo, General Charles Kayonga, General Kayumba, hutu, James Kabarebe, janet kagame, jannet kagame, Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame, Joseph Sebarenzi, Juvenal Habyarimana, Kagame's Crimes, Kayumba Nyamwasa, Opportunities to invest in Rwanda, Pasteur Bizimungu, RPF, Rudasingwa, Rwanda Defence Forces, rwanda ,Congo Crimes, Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, Jeannette Kagame, Paul kagame, RDC, Rwanda, Rwanda Patriotic Army, Rwanda Press

    The problem here is the meddling of foreign crooks in the misfortune of Rwanda-if Banyarwanda themselves in the country are living in abject poverty and have no way out, then what authority has some punk seated and farting on sausages and doughnuts in a New York and London Plaza has to understand the plight of Banyarwanda- apart from being merchants of doom, what else have they done for humanity??

    What is so pathetic about the lot, is their expertise in the Rwanda catastrophe. This being that time of the year when the scavenger feeds on the caucus of its victim, the Rwanda genocide has been turned into a golden goose that lays for them eggs every year. Just like they've managed to pile all bones of dead Banyarwanda into one ethnicity propaganda web-mainly Tutsi and denied them a descent burial, the dead are now a commercial product that can be used to solicit for funds to run fundraising scums,propaganda conferences and seminars in different parts of the world, while the families of the dead are left in endless grief and poverty. Meanwhile the Hutus,Twa and mixed ethnicity have been condemned to their last generation, and are not supposed to grieve for their loved ones. Really, what sort of people profit from the dead???

    The sickening bit is when some CEO of a multinational company becomes the moral authority on the plight of Banyarwanda and distorts the facts of what really happened.

    The arrangement of the so called top global business people to invite a well known killer to Davos Switzerland,has nothing to do with empowering Banyarwanda, but to give relevance to criminal Paul Kagame and his associates. One could even wonder how Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks interest in Paul Kagame is Rwanda’s benefit-very wrong. But a personal business arrangement that involves cheap labor and of-course tax evasion using Ninja accounting in the name of empowering Banyarwanda.

    But what those buddies of Criminal Kagame are doing, is run away from their responsibility in their countries,that has led 99% of the world to live in misery;homelessness,unemployment,abuse,dis-empowerment,etc. They just don’t care about humanity, as they can always meet in Davos and have a laugh at their victims. Now you can understand why young people always turn off their TV sets when the likes of Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, etc.show their guilty faces.

    The only relevance that Criminal Paul Kagame might be hallucinating of to the international community, is the use of Banyarwanda in UN peace keeping missions. However,the work being done is under the intentional arrangement and not Criminal Paul Kagame’s personal project or personal business. If the criminal died today, it would not mean the end of the UN mandate of using Rwanda peace keepers.

    Today the pressing issue mostly troubling those service women and men, is fair pay. What we seem to have in place, is a form of modern day slave labor.

    Though their money-salaries is meant to be payed to their bank accounts-and on time,their hard earned money is fleeced away and stolen by Paul kagame’s associates.Can you really imagine how heartless some people can be towards their fellow Banyarwanda!!

    By the time the pay is received by the soldiers and their families, instead of receiving $800 per month on their Bank accounts,they’re only paid $60 and sometimes they can spend 8 months with nothing.

    Abanyarwanda, africa, Akazu, Byumba, colonel Patrick Karegeya, Congo, Congo Genocide, Democratic Republic of Congo, General Charles Kayonga, General Kayumba, hutu, James Kabarebe, janet kagame, jannet kagame, Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame, Joseph Sebarenzi, Juvenal Habyarimana, Kagame's Crimes, Kayumba Nyamwasa, Opportunities to invest in Rwanda, Pasteur Bizimungu, RPF, Rudasingwa, Rwanda Defence Forces, rwanda ,Congo Crimes, Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, Jeannette Kagame, Paul kagame, RDC, Rwanda, Rwanda Patriotic Army, Rwanda Press

    While criminal Paul Kagame’s mafia is busy stealing the soldiers money and paying for foreign trips,eating Nyama choma, paying for prostitutes,building mansions,etc. the poor soldiers are left in a state of misery, permanent debts and desperation. In fact, you’ll find many of them begging for cigarettes from Wanainchi and relatives.

    This has become very normal-Yani, Majeshi wanatombwa katika mukunduni!

    The strategy to always allow Banyarwanda to kupakasa (slave) for UN, does not benefit the country and Banyarwanda as a whole, but a clique of Paul Kagame. This heartless attitude towards the soldiers of Rwanda Defence Forces that are putting their lives on the line, year-in and year-out to help and serve other people, should be fought by any means necessary. Lazima tutajekombowa!

    Though an order is an order, but the order should  be fair, dignified and also carry its rewards- because soldiers are like any worker and citizen-they also have needs and families, just like the rest of Banyarwanda. Those Bipingamizi hiding behind RPF that are not paying Rwanda soldiers and stealing their money, one day you’ll pay with a very high price!!

    Thus, Paul Kagame has become irrelevant in Rwanda, and instead has turned into a full-time parasite that feeds on the dead and misery of Banyarwanda. Like any parasite, it will never stop till its stopped by courageous Patriots.

    Next time we shall discuss his cowardice and fear

    Free Uganda
  • Yoweri Museveni's List of Thieves

    Virunga Mountains

    yoweri museveni,president Museveni,Yoweri Kaguta Museveni,Dictator Museveni,Kaguta Museveni

    Today 90% of  Uganda institutions are either broken and rotten due to chronic mismanagement or are run by an extended or family member of Criminal Yoweri Museveni.Thus, the regime of Criminal Yoweri Museveni will not only be remembered for killing and embezzlement, but also for mercilessly destroying Uganda institutions.

    What is sickening and pathetic, is the way Uganda elite class has shamelessly participated in destroying the Uganda social fabric-wanting free things and stealing from other people, has become the mainstream national culture of Uganda. Thus, every fund in the public purse regardless of saving lives-preventing disease so Ugandans can grow up to lead productive lives, is there for the taking by the elite and their accomplices.

    yoweri museveni,president Museveni,Yoweri Kaguta Museveni,Dictator Museveni,Kaguta Museveni

    The most worrying thing is the notion that has been embedded in the elite class, that Uganda is gifted by nature. Maybe gifted by natural mismanagement,corruption,copying,war mongering,idle talk,etc.
    Thus, Uganda being gifted by nature does not mean that wanainchi have an equal share in it, nor is the so called nature going to be there in the next ten years and in the hands of Ugandans. What we seem to have in the Uganda thieving League, are the same faces since; Obote(1),Amin, UNLF,Obote(2),Museveni(1),Museveni(2),Museveni(3),Museveni(4)…

    yoweri museveni,president Museveni,Yoweri Kaguta Museveni,Dictator Museveni,Kaguta Museveni

    While the Asians and other races are eating the best organic foods from Uganda, Ugandans are becoming the fastest consumers of organically modified products in the world. All Uganda forests and swamps are now owned by a few individuals-80% of fertile land is owned by 7% and their foreign surrogates.
    The population has been militarised not to defend their country, but a criminal ideology of Dictator Yoweri Museveni.
    However, in most cases-the very militarised population is so ignorant to even understand that, they’re instead guarding their own property that has been stolen from them,by Criminal Yoweri Museveni. Thus,the best commandos that Uganda has ever trained, are now guarding the Uganda oil fields that have already been stolen under their noses, and sold to foreigners. Banauganda bba Fala nyoooooooooo!

    yoweri museveni,president Museveni,Yoweri Kaguta Museveni,Dictator Museveni,Kaguta Museveni

    The criminal league of Uganda thieves is getting bigger and better at concealing its trucks-they’ve learnt how to make transfers of different thieves to various juicy organisations.

    We found that the thieves have infiltrated all organisations that have an endless pot of money such as, institutions for higher learning, Religious,medical(Hospitals,Clinics,etc)establishments,the old ministry,etc. Of course, the criminal league would not survive without functioning patronage networks that have been created by Criminal Museveni and Criminal Amama Mbabazi and their respective parasitic families and friends.

    yoweri museveni,president Museveni,Yoweri Kaguta Museveni,Dictator Museveni,Kaguta Museveni

    The criminal ring in Uganda has many faces-the thieves that have milked your country should be exposed regardless of their titles,academic knowledge,relationship,etc. as a thief is a thief and nothing less.

    What is so sad, is the manner these criminals are celebrated as contributors towards social-economic transformation and attainment of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals in Uganda. Nonsense!!

    As if Uganda didn’t exist and our people were living in caves and trees before the so called United Nations Millennium Development Goal in Uganda was planted as a tool to mug our people. 

    This new face of Uganda criminals tend to be holders of academic titles(Bba twasoma),well connected,members of an established civil organisation like a political party,commission,civil society,committee,etc. They all tend to have three common characteristic;Parasitic, arrogance and self-importance. bepanka nyo atte balina amazaluo!

    yoweri museveni,president Museveni,Yoweri Kaguta Museveni,Dictator Museveni,Kaguta Museveni

    But as many of you are very aware, Uganda also has another class of hardcore thieves like;Yoweri Museveni,Amama Mbabazi,Moses Ali, Salim Saleh,Kahinda Otafire,Mike Mukula,Jim Muwhezi,Hajji Nasser Ntege Sebaggala aka ‘Sseya’,Gen. David Sejusa a.k.a Tinyefuza, etc. this list will be published soon as we need to first show you another criminal face that has been hiding among you for a very long-time.

    1. Hope Mwesigye (professional embezzler and black-mailer)
    2. Rebecca Kadaga (Speaker of Parliament)
    3. Juliet Semambo Kalema (Uganda Embassy in China)
    4. Bishop Elia Paul Luzinda Kizito (Bishop of Mukono Diocese)
    5. Canon Dr. Sheila Zaramba Ndyanabangi (Ministry Of Health)
    6. Dr Alfred Lwako (Agency For Accelerated Regional Development)
    7. Dr Allen Byamugisha (Deputy Librarian Makerere University)
    8. Dr Charles Mbire (Chairman MTN UGANDA)
    9. Dr John Baptist Kirabira (MaKerere University)
    10. Dr Johnson Ngorok (Country Director Sight Savers Uganda)
    11. Dr Moses Nduhira Twesigye–Omwe(Uganda Technical College Kichwamba)
    12. Dr Mubazi John Kigongo (Faculty of Economics and Mgt Makerere University)
    13. Dr Obwoya Kinyera Sam (Physics Department Kyambogo University)
    14. Dr Oteba Martin (Pharmacy Division Ministry of Health)
    15. Dr Samuel Baker Kucel (Deputy Vice Chancellor Busitema University)
    16. Dr Sazir Nsubuga Mayanja (Uganda Land Commission)
    17. Dr Shirazi Meghani (Chairman Megha Industries Ltd)
    18. Dr Tumwine Fredrick Ruguma (Makerere University)
    19. Dr Yayi Alfred (Yumbe District Health Office)
    20. Dr. Ahmad Kawesa Sengendo (Vice Chancellor Islamic University in Uganda)
    21. Dr. Albert Byamugisha (Office of The Prime Minister Of Uganda)
    22. Dr. Birungi Mutahunga (Executive Director Bwindi Community Hospital)
    23. Dr. Yusuf K. Nsubuga (Ministry Of Education and Sports)
    24. Eng Hon Irene Margaret Nafuna-Muloni (Minister for Energy and Minerals

    25. Badru M. Kiggundu (Chairman Electoral Commission)
    26.Keith Mukahanizi(finance ministry permanent secretary)
    27. Keith Kalyegira (Capital Markets Authority (CMA) )
    28. Apollo Ssegawa (Managing Director of CURAD)
    29. Patrick Bitature (Board Chairman Umeme Limited)
    30. Charles Chapman (managing director of Umeme)
    31. Elly Karuhanga (Partner Kampala Associated Advocates)
    32. Moses Magogo(FUFA President)
    33. Amelia Kyambadde (Minister of Trade and Industry)
    34. Asuman Kiyingi (Minister of State for Regional Cooperation)
    35. Barbara Oundo Nekesa (Minister of State For Karamoja Affairs)
    36. Ernest Kiiza Apuuli (Minister of State for Bunyoro Affairs)
    37. Prof Ephraim Kamuntu (Minister for Water and Environment)
    38. Fred Jachan Omach Mandir (Minister of State for General Duties)
    39. Dr Ruhakana Rugunda (Ministry Of Health)
    40. John M. Nasasira(Minister for ICT)
    41. Justice Irene Esther Mulyagonja Kakooza (Inspector General of Government)
    42. Justice Professor Lillian Tibatemwa-Ekirikubinza (Court of Appeal)
    43. Kalisa Kabagambe (Permanent Secretary Ministry Of Energy and
    Minerals Development)
    44. Fagil Musa Mandy (ChairmanUganda National Examination Board)
    45. Rosemary Mutyabule (Director, Business Advisory services, Enterprise Uganda)
    46. Francis Kamulegeya (Country Manager Price Waterhouse Coopers
    47. Joseph “Ambiance” Kiyimba (disco tycoon)
    48. Margret Nantongo Zziwa (Speaker for the East African Legislative Assembly)
    49. Bamugemereire George (Deputy Inspector General of Government)

    yoweri museveni,president Museveni,Yoweri Kaguta Museveni,Dictator Museveni,Kaguta Museveni

    50. Ben Mugasha (Chairman Bemuga Forwarders Ltd)
    51. Charles Odere (Managing Partner Lex Law Associates)
    52. Davy Mugamba (Managing Partner Pro-Plan Partners)
    53. Norbert Mao (Democratic Party (DP) President)
    54. Edwards Katto (Commissioner Ministry of Energy And Minerals
    55. Godfrey Arnold Dhatemwa
    56. Gordon Mwesigye (Permanent Secretary Uganda Human Rights
    57. Hasmukh Purshottam Dawda (Chairman Britannia Allied Industries Ltd)

    58. Ilahi Maasu Mansoor (Commissioner Technical Education Minsitry of
    59. John Eric Mugyenzi (CEO Uganda Electricity Generation Co.Ltd)
    60. Michael Mugabi (Corporation Secretary Housing Finance Bank)
    61. Moru Ben Constantine Grace (Chairman Kiryandongo District)
    62. Newton Jazire (CEO Lions Assurance Uganda)
    63. Ngobi Fredie Aggrey (Chief Administrative Officer Kibuku District)
    64. Nicholas John Okwi (CEO Housing Finance Bank)
    65. Omagor Martin (Ministry Of Education and Sports)
    66. Patrick Mutimba (Makerere University Investment Office)
    67. Paul Kintu (Commissioner for Community Affairs-Ministry Of Internal
    68. Peter Etabu (Country Director-Right to Play Uganda)
    69. Robinson Nsumba Lyazi (Commissioner for Private Schools Ministry of
    Education and Sports)
    70. Rubondo Ernst (Commissioner for Petroleum Ministry Of Energy and
    Minerals Development)
    71. Ssansa Mugenyi Frederick Edward (Office of the Prime Minister)
    72. William Mugarura Kanyesigye (Chief Administrative Officer Kasese
    73. Allen Kagina (Uganda Revenue Authority)
    74. Christine Rebecca Nakyali Mubiru (Policy Analyst Ministry of Health)
    75. Deborah Tibamwenda Kabahweza (Internal Auditor Bank of Uganda)
    76. Jacqueline Mbabazi (Chairperson Agency for National Development)
    77. Julian Kyomuhangi (Ministry of Health)
    78. Kamariza Joweria (Principal Accountant Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
    79. Sekai Chikowero (Country Director Africare Uganda)
    80. Serinah Mushang Muganzi (CEO Millennium Promotions)
    81. Valerie Miquel (UNCB)
    82. Abalo Gertrude (Fisheries Training Institute)
    83. Asteway Desta Zemedagegnehu (DHL Uganda)
    84. Ongodia Nicholas Etinu (Commissioner Passport Control Office)
    85. Prof David Bakibinga (School of Law Makerere University)
    86. Kizza Besigye (former leader of the Forum for Democratic Change Party)
    87. Prof Pius Okong (Chairman Health Service Commission)
    88. Prof. Solomon Baluki Wakabi (Vice Chancellor Fairland University)
    89. Prof. Tarsis Bazana Kabwegyere (Minister for General Duties Office of The
    Prime Minister)

    90. Rev. Dr. Solomon Basabose Nkesiga (Vice Chancellor Bishop Stuart
    91. Rev.Dr. Florence Isabirye Muranga (Executive Director Presidential Initiative
    on Banana Industrial Development)
    92. Jacob Oulanyah (Deputy Speaker of Parliament of Uganda)
    93. Khalid Sheikh (Chairman Clifton Packaging UK)
    94. Rosemary N. Ssenabulya(Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE))
    95. The Rt Rev Dr Stephen Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu (Bishop of Mityana Diocese)

    96. Alex Kibandama (National Roads Authority (UNRA) lawyer)

    97. William Tumwine (National Roads Authority (UNRA) lawyer)

    98. Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje (Squatter at Uganda Muslim Supreme Council Offices)

    99.Hassan Basajjabalaba (chairman NRM entrepreneurs league)

    100. Dr. Silver Mugisha (National Water and Sewerage Cooperation (NWSC) )

    This list has not been ordered according to levels of criminality

    yoweri museveni,president Museveni,Yoweri Kaguta Museveni,Dictator Museveni,Kaguta Museveni

    What we want Ugandans to understand, is that anyone involved in taking our people for mugs, we shall expose them and also make sure in a post-Museveni government, they’ll be prosecuted.

    Free Uganda
  • Why Uganda Prime Minister is a Criminal

    Virunga Mountains

    Amama Mbabazi Due to the lack of original analytic skills, the Uganda press and its subsidiary of propagandist, have created a frenzy of a power struggle between the NRM criminal cartel. Because Ugandans most of the time, just copy and paste without analysing that information. Now the criminals have put them where they wanted-make them believe that NRM has a democratic process to allow dissenters to canvass for leadership among themselves.

    Amama Mbabazi Sometimes you wonder why Uganda politicians and their spouses are always taking our people for fools: their Wives,Children,Girlfriends and extended families, have got into the habit of imposing their cronyism on Uganda's political landscape.

    What is so amusing, is the support and sympathy they tend to get from opportunistic, political opposition fraternity when they're sinking to the cesspool. As always, political lapdogs like Kizza Besigye have spotted an imaginary window of opportunity that can be exploited and used to parachute his fat red lips to the Ugandan presidency-that's why he now sees Criminal Amama Mbabazi as a voice of freedom and reason.

    Sometimes you wonder why fools like Kizza Besigye continue to carry the title of Doctor when they lack basic commonsense. These are the type of people the Ugandan youth should keep away from, as they don't inspire,think logically nor have a vision to transform society for the better, but power hungry. However, we should not blame him as his part of the curse that befell Uganda and the great lakes region originating from Luwero Killing fields. Amama Mbabazi The one thing that disturbs me most, is the chronic thieving nature of Amama Mbabazi, apart from being a thief and a career parasite on Ugandans, what use is he to the people of Uganda?? This is a cheap fellow that has no shame to try and sell milk on twitter because someone has claimed to be an investor in Milk-not mentioning his corrupt wife-Jacqueline Mbabazi that brought down the Army enterprise when she was Luweero Industries general manager. Amama Mbabazi At the time,trading under Luweero Industries Limited, a subsidiary of the National Enterprises Corporation (NEC), they repaired and also sold small arms to private companies as well as exporting the bullets to neighboring countries. The company also fabricated  armored cars(Kiwani style) which were later sold to the Ministry of Defence. At the time, an AK47 gun at the factory cost about US$150. Thus,the factory could produce up to 20 lots, each lot consisting of 12 huge boxes of ammunition. Each bullet was said to cost about US$6 depending on the gun category. You can now understand why the region is flooded with small arms and mostly in the hands of criminals. Amama Mbabazi What is so amusing, the National Enterprises Corporation was formed by an Act of Parliament in 1995 to produce goods for the army. However,in a typical micro management style of the Museveni and Mabazi family,Other companies under NEC included NEC Lime (Dura), NEC pharmaceutical, NEC Katonga Farm and UPDF Tailoring Unit. At the end of the day, the Enterprise became bankrupt with no financial management records to show. The Nakasongola factory also used to repair and supply arms to the Rwanda armed forces before the two countries. fought over Gold and dDamond in Kisangani,Congo RDC. Apparently the thieving Whore is now Criminal Yoweri Museveni's special adviser on special duties. What a bunch of criminals!!! Yoweri Museveni The political scene in Uganda is now being pampered by all sorts of opportunistic individuals that have only one agenda: Steal,Divide Ugandans,Confuse Ugandans,Enslave Ugandans,Kill Ugandans,Grab land and property, Spread diseases,Turn Neighbouring Countries against Ugandans and bring Uganda to its knees. But what the scumbags have failed to realise, is that Ugandans are very resilient, and Uganda has always been there and they'll leave it behind but very bruised-Many of them will end up in ICC or similar institutions to answer for crimes against Humanity. Amama Mbabazi The destruction of Uganda has been caused mainly by two families. Thus,everything in Uganda is in the hands of two criminal families; Museveni’s and Mbabazi’s, meaning Uganda is now a booty between two parasitic families. Amama Mbabazi What Ugandans should understand, is the nature of these criminals-apart from Jacline Mbabazi, who else has been appointed to advise criminal Museveni on special duties?? How can we forget the personalisation of Uganda Revenue authority by Jacqueline Mbabazi ,when she was the customs commissioner, when she issued circulars to border post custom officials to not tax and let contra-band goods into the republic of Uganda, because she could do it. Amama Mbabazi Thus, the nation ends up raring parasites that see anything as collateral damage and should be stolen by any means necessary. When people are brought-up in such environment, the need to see and fight state criminal parasites becomes impossible as they're part and parcel of that dodgy life-line.

    What is so sad, is when security operatives impose themselves on Ugandans as Journalists and Human rights activists and later at night they retire to bed with the dictatorship of both Uganda and Rwanda. The worst thing that can happen to a people is to be enslaved by a ruthless,arrogant and backward autocrat like Yoweri Museveni. The thug  just kills people,imprisons them and then steals the little they have. Yoweri MuseveniWhat I've heard from some circles of Ugandans, especially the twasoma(elite) is indeed- they feel the pain but are waiting for outsiders to come and rescue them. Very wrong.....outsiders can only come on your side when they see that you're also doing something and not just fantasies. The Liberation for Uganda should be today and not tomorrow as time is not on our side. Amama MbabaziThose criminals running Uganda are the best cowards and that's why they're always surrounded with guns for protection-its only cowards like them that will find the first exit when the people rise-up. What Ugandans should understand is that, the army is also suffering like the rest of Ugandans and its just a clique of few criminals that are using and giving them a bad name.

    Free Uganda
  • Has Yoweri Museveni Got away with Crimes against Humanity?

    Virunga Mountains

    yoweri museveni,uganda,africa,dictators

    Today we see an aggressive PR machine trying to rehabilitate and market this hardcore criminal to society-like some saint. Yes, today if its not BBC,Aljazeera,etc. its the shameless greedy american establishment. We should not also forget the 3 Millions(US)$ being paid to an Irish gang by Uganda Taxpayers to clean Criminal Museveni's blood, whenever it starts spilling .

    uganda,yoweri museveni,museveni,uganda politics,paul kagame,drc,congo drc,congolaise

    Both Paul Kagame and Yoweri museveni having murdered 6 million Congolese in cold blood, now its this criminal duo that are blaming the Congolese for poor management of their country, and are offering western powers consultancy/ solutions for Congo. This is very insulting to those 6 million Congolese that have been massacred by the same thugs. If those powers want to keep their criminals, let them go ahead but stop insulting Congolese people.

    yoweri museveni,museveni,uganda,uganda art,janet museveni,uganda president,ar uganda,museveni,kaguta museveni

    What is so disturbing about Museveni's Crimes against humanity, is the extent that, some powerful forces love a character like him. Yes, a brainwashed butcher that does all the dirty work can be relied upon as long as Africa is there to be plundered left-central,right, and south.

    We also have a culture of greed and opportunism among the African Political elite that is addicted to a patronage Modus Operand on society; this parasitic class acts as cheerleaders, and kingpins to state criminals and has mastered the art of managing corruption and cover-ups.

    This pathetic political class can be found both in Uganda and diaspora-human rights ,rule of law,justice and social development means nothing to them, as long as they can be given a position to milk sleepy Ugandans.

    uganda,yoweri museveni,museveni,uganda politics,paul kagame,drc,congo drc,congolaise

    Can this criminality and  impunity be sustained forever?

    Of-course not, because no criminal cartel has ever outlived human blood, and especially when its in millions. The right-time will come to bring Criminal Museveni and his accomplices before justice-the people's justice like the one we saw criminal Muammar Gadaffi facing, is what scum bugs like Museveni,Kagame, etc. deserve and nothing less.

    uganda,yoweri museveni,museveni,uganda politics,paul kagame,drc,congo drc,congolaise

    This day is not that far as Uganda is soon going to face a nasty political check-out!!!!

    Free Uganda
  • Rwanda Criminal Cartel

    Virunga Mountains

    As I write this post-God knows how much blood, murderer Kagame(Pilato) has shed today in the Democratic Republic of Congo assuming that its indeed a democratic republic. What readers should understand is that, the Human rights abuses in Congo have an international dimension: forget about Eastern Congo, because that's were the Illuminati mafia wants you to concentrate and not see the Congo saga -let's try and look at Congo as a whole.

    The so called international community loves insecurity in a region were they can easily plunder resources unabated using regional criminals such as Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni to commit murder-under the disguise of fighting terrorism.

    They'll praise a murderer by using economic development mantra-meaning that, they can rape the country unchallenged. i.e. recently the IMF mafia at a retreat of hardcore criminals in kigali, said that "Rwanda is among the 10 most-improved economies in Sub-Saharan Africa"

    What exactly this means, is that the infrastructure for corruption, thieving, money laundering, murder,etc. is the best in Africa. Top global criminals can easily commit crime undetected- thus,private jets can easily fly-in with no much questions asked. Basically, Congo is like a woman with a sweet pussy that everyone wants to fuck, however in this case she's being raped and fucked doggy style from Rwanda.

    In a modern criminal cartel such as the one in Rwanda; Transportation,Communication, Money laundering and of-course Hotels(where orgies are arranged) must be of high quality to make life easy for visiting criminals that might check-in anytime to make a picking of Coltan, Gold,etc.

    However, Rwanda is not only about plundered minerals from Congo, its also a top supplier of Human organs in the world-of-course Congolese organs.Its believed that between May 2011 and Feb 2012, 400 pairs of Kidneys went through Kigali Airport.

    Now you can understand when IMF criminals brag that " Rwanda has seen remarkable progress over the past decade. Rwanda was one of the fastest growing economies in the world over the period, with economic growth averaging over eight percent,”

    Pilato's private residence at Lake Muhazi

    In the Kagame's criminal Cartel, the schmoozing is unbelievable as you'll hear criminals, yapping shamelessly:

    Mr Kagame are you hungry..., Mr Kagame do you want a new jet..., Mr kagame fly over and share breakfast with me, Mr Kagame do you want free silencers for your guns..., Mr Kagame do you want to send your boys to our military academy..., Mr Kagame don't worry we have destroyed the ICC files..., Mr Kagame do you want to have an exclusive on aljazeera ..., Mr Kagame do you want an underground bunker..., Mr Kagame do you want a bank account in Bermuda or Switzerland...., Mr kagame do you want chemical or biological weapons..., Mr Kagame do you want a red carpet in France or America..., Mr kagame do you want an award..., Mr Kagame do you want us the ICC to pass a guilty verdict on Thomas Lubanga so the Human rights community can leave you alone...., Mr Kagame do you want a good story in the uganda red pepper or the uganda independent (both tabloids are run by security operatives), Mr Kagame do you want us to warn the South African president to keep Kayumba Nyamwasa and Rwanda National Congress out of the lime-light... Mr Kagame do you want us to threaten Umuvugizi journalists...., Mr Kagame do you want your ass wiped with a towel or a spray?

    To be Continued

    Joram jojo

    Free Uganda
  • Yoweri Museveni and Paul Kagame

    Virunga Mountains

    Dictator Yoweri Museveni

    The western Governments considers this cold blooded killer a messiah in development, as long as their Alibaba caves(plundered minerals and oil fields) are safe, the tyrant can kill and kill till he feels dizzy... The African Killing fields from Congo to Central Africa, Sudan, Somalia and of course Uganda, are still very profitable for murderer Yoweri Museveni. Every murder he commits, his grip on power is assured by his pathetic Western backers. yoweri Museveni

    Tyrant Yoweri Museveni Makes Tyrant  Gadaffi Look Like Mother Theresa

    How can we forget the killing of innocent protester in Uganda this year-the killing of innocent women, men, children and elderly in Central Africa and then blaming the Lords Resistance Army as it would be belivable-the endless systematic killings of innocent Somali people and blaming the youth fighters(Al-shabab) as they've bragged to be Al-Qaeda and have been packaged well with a glossy coating by Anti-Somali forces. The fact remains, Al Shabab is not Al Qaeda and has never been-just bragging to get the youth support as the youth are very impressed by the Al Qaeda romantic revolutionary Orthodoxy. Maybe I'll have to write a full post for this, that's if the Admin lets me--please, I beg!!! ]

    The African Genocide authors

    However,the killing of innocent people in order to have access to free resources is the most dumb thing the western governments have ever invented after syphilis

    Tyrant Museveni runs hundreds of illegal underground detention centers around the country

    Today in Uganda, they're thousands of innocent people that are locked up in illegal detentions that are out of the judicial system control. Most of the prisoners are political detainees and whose only crime has been that of questioning the way Uganda is run.

    The damage the Tyrant has inflicted on our country will take minimum 20 years to bring some sort of sanity.

    This Art represents the wrongs in our present day Uganda-a country run by a gang of thieves and a leadership that survives by the sword;spilling blood and more blood of innocent people wherever it goes.

    6 million People have died in Congo because of Paul Kagame & Yoweri Museveni thirst for Blood

    Sometimes you wonder why this duo is the most arrogant cold blooded pair ever walked the face of the earth. The answer is very simple-when you have murdered millions of innocent people in cold blood, your brains tend to be in a permanent psychotic mode. The most important thing everyone should understand is that the pair are just a bunch of murderers whose time will come soon. Those that think it will never happen, are just in self-denial-the wheels of change, are already in motion.

    To be continued

    joram jojo

    Free Uganda
  • Yoweri Museveni orders guards to shoot and Kill civillians

    Virunga Mountains

    The Ugandan Genocidal was again displaying his madness in public by ordering his guards to shoot and kill Ugandans after he was denied entry to a crime scene.

    kasubi Royal tombs on fire

    The Kasubi Tombs in Uganda, the final resting place of Uganda(Buganda) royalty and a UNESCO World Heritage Site-dating back 150 years- the tombs of five ancient kings were destroyed overnight by state arsonists.

    Ugandans sift through the burned out remains of the Kasubi tombs

    The dictator, Yoweri museveni, suffered a shock of his life when he was blocked from reaching the Kasubi tombs that caught fire last night.
    yoweri museveni

    Dictator Yoweri Museveni

    Angry Ugandans booed the tyrant and wanted to lynch him, then set up a barricade to stop the thug from reaching the burnt tombs.
    The tyrant gunmen fired in the air to disperse them but to no avail.

    But this was not enough as the civilians kept lying on the ground and Museveni was overheard shouting, “you lazy scouts!!!”
    kasubi royal tombs

    Genocidal Yoweri Museveni's security personnel killing Ugandans

    Then a barrage of fire was aimed at those civilians that were lying on the ground, before the tyrant was driven away.

    Police and other security agencies are in the meantime working to restore calm. The government of Uganda is yet to make a statement on the incident.
    The Kampala women MP Nabilah Sempala narrowly escaped a bullet fired by Military Police and a man standing next to her was shot in the back.
    Radio journalist Mukiibi Serunjogi was shot in the knee and the Mityana South Member of Parliament Ssozi Kaddumukasa also was roughed up by the Military Police.
    The Military Police and troops of the Presidential Guard Brigade have taken over security at the site.

    At the time of drafting this report, 12 civilians were confirmed dead and Wandegeya police station has been set on fire.

    Buganda Kingdom King Ronald Mutebi, middle in suit, is surrounded by supporters after visiting the Kasubi Royal Tombs

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    • Admin // March 17, 2010 at 10:06 pm | Reply (edit)

      Uganda Parliament-SMS
      Works minister John Nasasira regretted the loss of the cultural site and called for calm. He said the country had lost an asset. It is time to have collective grief.

      Latiff Sebaggala (DP) said people who had gathered to commiserate with the Kabaka, including MPs, were beaten by security people in civilian clothes. We were ordered to lie down and some people beat us up. Anyone who remained standing was shot at.

      Nabilah Nagayi Sempala (FDC) said tragedy had befallen the country. We were ordered to take cover as bullets whizzed over our heads. Then people came with sticks beating us. I was caned like a child. I dont think it is right for people to flog mourners.She said she heard somebody groaning in pain and calling for help.

      Margaret Babadiri (NRM) was shocked that somebody burnt the tombs. These (tombs) have been our pride. We are crazy. We started with schools, burning children like animals. Something must be done. Hassan Fungaroo (FDC), Odonga Otto (FDC) and Susan Nakawuki (FDC) condemned the fire and the shooting of civilians.

      Emmanuel Dombo (NRM) asked Kasaijja whether people had been killed by government forces, but the minister promised a detailed statement later.
      Hussein Kyanjo (JEEMA) said people had been shot before the President inspected the ruins.

      I saw bodies being carried to a Police pick-up truck.

      The Police was doing its work well until people in civilian clothes started shooting. Police is finding it very difficult to do their work because of interference from such forces.

    • Admin // March 18, 2010 at 8:48 am | Reply (edit)

      SMS-Fred Magala
      What I saw was very sickenning. Angry youths tried to lynch the president as two men standing in the banana plantations hurled stones at him and his entourage.

      The situation got nasty when a plain clothed man carrying a pistol was unexpectedly grabbed from behind by a group of obscene uttering men who at the time also hid the pistol away.

      Soldiers started shooting in the air as plain clothed security operatives angrily demanded for the return of the pistol. The soldiers were ignored and abused while a crowd kept advancing towards the president. At the same time another group of youths were busy blocking the president from moving forwards.

      Three men tried to grab another gun from another plain clothed soldier who on realising he was about to be lynched, started shooting and seconds later people started shouting that a man has been shot dead. Angry crowds kept pushing them selves towards the president as he walked and soldiers kept shooting in the air.

      A groupe of people were caned by the soldiers as they were demanding for the previously stolen pistol. People lay on the ground faces down shouting and mourning that let museveni kill them instead of him being allowed access to the burnt tombs.

      A man about 10 minutes later was arrested with a pistol whish three soldiers claimed was the one grabbed from their plain clothed coleague. The man was spotted with the pistol as he tried to aim at Muhoozi- the president’s son who at the time was walking behind the president.
      The first son, Kainerugaba Muhoozi, walked a respectable distance behind his father. In full military attire, Lt. Col. Muhoozi had a pistol on his hip and an AK-47 in his hand.

      When they could not stop his arrival, which happened around noon, they contrived one last act of defiance that was as spectacular as it was revealing. The men rushed inside the structure and planted bamboo shoots around it, enough so that the only thing Mr Museveni could do was tour the structure from outside. When one of the loud protestors hurled insults at Mr Museveni from close range, a man in army regalia backed the offender down and beat him up. In protest, another man suddenly hurled his body into the ground, kicked the mud like a possessed man, and cried hysterically. He was ignored.

    • daniel // March 18, 2010 at 10:49 am | Reply (edit)

      Thank u guys for this wonderfull coverage.

    Free Uganda
  • Arrest Yoweri Museveni for War Crimes

    Virunga Mountains

    Yoweri Museveni African Butcher

    What happened to the hundreds of children that were in NRA(Now UPDF) and sent to Mubende. Where are all those children that In 2005, escaped or were captured or released from the LRA and pressured to join Yoweri Museveni's forces and fight the LRA. Where are they now? Why is Salim Saleh, a UPDF officer believed to have been banned from traveling to the United States over the UPDF’s role in the plunder of mineral resources from the DR Congo in the late 1990s, still a Cabinet Minister?

    yoweri museveni


    Why should a Killer and thief like yoweri Museveni, still be roaming western Capitals when the evidence is there for his arrest. Why should Sudanese Omar Bashir be wanted by ICC and Not Yoweri Museveni that has commited even worse crime?
    See Illegal exploitation of natural resources and other forms of wealth of the DR Congo
    Why should Darfur(less than 1000 dead) be called a genocide and not DR congo(6million dead).
    Very simple. Yoweri Museveni is a western client and Omar Bashir a chinese client.
    I'm not a big person on the world stage but big men like Alison Des Forges, Senior Advisor at the Africa Division of Human Rights Watch. said:

    "Uganda sent its troops into Congo supposedly to assure its own security, but in the process, it has caused greater insecurity for its unfortunate neighbors," said Alison Des Forges, Senior Advisor at the Africa Division of Human Rights Watch. "Pulling out some of its troops does not relieve Uganda of the responsibility for investigating and punishing the soldiers who have been involved in these crimes."

    Des Forges said that Congolese leaders, including the heads of political factions and organizers of militias, have also violated the rights of their fellow citizens in Ugandan-dominated zones. The Ugandans trained local combatants who were recruited by rival political leaders on the basis of personal or ethnic loyalty, and who were more likely to be used for local advantage than in the war against the Congo government. Both the Ugandans and leaders of the Congolese Rally for Democracy-Liberation? Movement (RCD-ML) recruited and trained children as combatants. In August 2000 Uganda airlifted 163 children from Congo to Kampala for military training.

    "Uganda has repeatedly promised to end the use of child soldiers, yet here it is openly teaching Congolese children to make war," said Des Forges. "When does it plan to start making good on these promises?" Congolese political leaders in the Ugandan-controlled region have detained rivals, held them in inhumane conditions, and sometimes tortured them. Ugandan soldiers have similarly abused Congolese whom they have identified as opponents. Ugandan authorities in mid-2000 approved an alliance between RCD-ML leader Mbusa Nyamwisi and Mai-Mai?, a local militia hostile to foreign occupiers, and even arranged to provide military training for them. Later, Ugandans rejected the arrangement and began fighting the Mai-Mai?. In subsequent conflicts, Ugandan troops captured and summarily executed Mai-Mai? combatants. They also attacked local people thought to have aided the Mai-Mai?, killing civilians and laying waste their villages. Ugandan soldiers also backed the RCD-National, supposedly another rebel political movement but apparently really an operation to extract and market the rich mineral resources of the Bafwasende area.

    "Ugandan soldiers have blatantly exploited Congolese wealth for their own benefit, and that of their superiors at home," said Des Forges. "In competing for control of Congo's phenomenal resources, the Ugandans as well as other parties to this war have committed countless atrocities against the Congolese population."

    Unless the International Criminal Court is also part and parcel of Yoweri Museveni's African Genocide project, set out under article 15 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court,an investigation proprio motu by undertaking a preliminary investigation of serious crimes committed in Ituri within the presumptive jurisdiction of the ICC for possible prosecution.

    The Front for the Liberation of Congo in Ugandan occupied areas

    The Movement for the Liberation of Congo (Mouvement pour la Liberation du Congo, MLC), headed by Jean-Pierre? Bemba, controls much of Equateur province in the north. By early 2001, it had established its sway over another, less well organized rebel group, the Congolese Rally for Democracy-Liberation? Movement (Rassemblement Congolais pour la Democratie-Mouvement? de Liberation (RCD-ML), which claimed to control parts of North Kivu, and Orientale provinces in eastern Congo. Uganda engineered this merger among its Congolese rebel allies to unify their military against the government alliance, and to shield it from increasing international scrutiny of its role in manipulating local political divisions and ethnic conflicts as a means of consolidating its control over these resource rich areas.

    Uganda reacted angrily to the release in mid April of the report of the U.N. Panel of Experts on the Exploitation of National Resources and other Forms of Wealth of the DR Congo, threatening at one point to withdraw from the Lusaka peace process. Under international prodding, Uganda dropped the threat and committed to withdraw its troops from the country, saying that they have accomplished their mission of defeating the insurgent Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

    Human Rights Watch in March 2001 published the report "Uganda in Northeastern DRC: Fueling Political and Ethnic Strife" which documented the following abuses in areas occupied by Uganda near the border between Uganda and the DRC:

    Ugandan military forces have played a decisive role in local affairs, even changing administrative boundaries and designating provincial officials, taking advantage of an administrative void resulting from continuing disputes among the various offshoots of the Ugandan- sponsored RCD-ML.

    Within the context of the broader war and the continuing political conflicts, a small-scale dispute over land between Hema and Lendu peoples in northeastern DRC, one of many which previously appeared to have been settled peacefully, grew in scale and intensity. The Hema were thought to enjoy general support from the Ugandans, attributed to a supposed ethnic bond between the Hema of the DRC and those of Uganda. >From the first violence in June 1999 through early 2000, an estimated 7,000 persons were killed and another 150,000 were displaced. In the most recent incident of violence in January 2001, another 400 people were killed during one day of violence in Bunia and at least 30,000 people were forced to flee the region.

    The perception that the Ugandan army supported the Hema was made real in many communities by Ugandan soldiers who helped Hema in defending their large farms against Lendu attack and who helped Hema militia attack Lendu villages. In some cases, these soldiers provided support in return for payments to themselves or their superior officers. In at least one case, Ugandan soldiers also assisted Lendu in attacking Hema. In one reported clash Ugandan soldiers backing different sides engaged in combat against each other. The assistance of Ugandan soldiers as well as the provision of training and arms to local forces resulted in a larger number of civilian casualties in these conflicts than would otherwise have been the case.

    Under the guise of creating an army for the rebel movement, Congolese political leaders developed their own groups of armed supporters, bound to them by ties of personal and/or ethnic loyalty. On several occasions in the last two years, these armed supporters have engaged in operations in which civilians were killed. Uganda trained these groups even when it seemed likely that they would be used in local ethnic and partisan conflict rather than as part of a disciplined military force.

    All parties, including the Ugandans, recruited and trained children to serve as soldiers. In August 2000 Uganda transported some 163 children, part of a larger group of 700 recruits, to Uganda for military training. Only in February 2001 did the government of Uganda grant various international agencies access to these children with a view to their demobilization and resettlement.

    Contending RCD-ML political leaders Wamba dia Wamba and Mbusa Nyamwisi as well as Uganda People's Defence Force (UPDF) soldiers have illegally detained political leaders whom they have identified as opponents and held them under inhumane conditions. In some cases the UPDF and RCD-ML forces have tortured political opponents in detention.

    The RCD-ML's "prime minister" Mbusa Nyamwisi, a local leader from a third powerful ethnic group, the Nande, sought to increase his power base by allying with Mai-Mai? forces, groups of local militia who had been fighting largely to expel foreign occupiers of their territory. Originally ready to tolerate this alliance, the Ugandans then rejected it. In subsequent conflicts with the Mai-Mai?, Ugandan forces as well as Congolese rebels loyal to Mbusa extrajudicially executed captured Mai-Mai? combatants. Subsequently, the UPDF attacked local people thought to have assisted the Mai-Mai?, killing civilians and laying waste to their villages.

    Ugandan soldiers also formed and supported the front organization called RCD-National, which appeared to be an operation to extract and market the rich mineral resources of the Bafwasende area rather than the political party which it claimed to be. This blatant exploitation of Congolese wealth for the benefit of both locally based and other more highly placed Ugandan military officers symbolized the larger exploitation of the whole region for the benefit of outside actors.

    Proxies Pursuing Their Own Interests

    Ituri is home to eighteen different ethnic groups, with the Hema/Gegere71 and Lendu/Ngiti72 communities together representing about 40 per cent of the inhabitants. The other major groups are the Bira, the Alur, the Lugbara, the Nyali, the Ndo-Okebo?, and the Lese. With ethnic identity of growing importance, a new group has emerged, the "non-originaires"73, that is, `outsiders' who were not born in Ituri. The Nande of north Kivu represent the most prominent of the "non-originaires", due to their importance in the business sector. The emergence of Mbusa Nyamwisi, a Nande, as the leader of the RCD-ML raised the profile of the Nande in Ituri. Hema elites seeking to assert or protect their control of the political and economic spheres in Ituri tend to consider the Nande as direct competitors.

    The Hema, Lendu, and other ethnic groups that serve as proxies for governments and rebel movements also seek to set agendas that serve their own interests. They are skilled at playing off the various outside rivals and change sides as their interests dictate. They adapt rapidly to developments on the national scene, working on the basis of the enemy of my enemy is my friend-at least for the moment.

    Who Was Who - Armed Political Groups in Ituri

    RCD-ML: Congolese Rally for Democracy- Liberation Movement
    Current Leader: Mbusa Nyamwisi

    Also know as RCD-Kisangani, the RCD-ML was launched in September 1999 in Kampala when Wamba dia Wamba split from the RCD-Goma. Backed at the start by Uganda, the RCD-ML has been fractured by leadership struggles and in-fighting. The current leader, Mbusa Nyamwisi took power after ousting Wamba dia Wamba. The RCD-ML's military wing is the Congolese Popular Army (APC). The RCD-ML entered into the Sun City agreement of April 2002 and the APC are now being trained and armed by Kinshasa.

    MLC: Movement for the Liberation of Congo Current Leader: Jean-Pierre? Bemba

    Based in Gbadolite, the MLC has been backed by Uganda since the start of the war in 1998 although there have been occasional differences between the two. The MLC tried twice to establish a foothold in Ituri: in 2001 Bemba had nominal control of the short-lived FPC coalition of Ugandan- backed rebel groups and in 2002 the MLC attacked Mambasa in western Ituri but were forced backed by the APC of Mbusa Nyamwisi. The MLC has occasionally fought alongside the UPC and has been a rival of Mbusa's RCD-ML.

    RCD-National: Congolese Rally for Democracy - National
    Current Leader: Roger Lumbala

    Now based in Watcha, northern Ituri, the RCD-N initially operated as a front organization for the Ugandans in exploiting the diamond riches of the town of Bafwasende. In 2001 and 2002, the RCD-N supported MLC attempts to win resource-rich areas from the RCD-ML. RCD-N has few soldiers and relies on the MLC army.

    UPC: Union of Congolese Patriots (predominately Hema/Gegere party)
    Current Leader: Thomas Lubanga

    Purportedly launched to promote reconciliation, the UPC quickly became a predominately Gegere-led political party intent on promoting the interests of the Hema and related Gegere. It came to power in Bunia in August 2002 with the help of the Ugandans and used Hema militia as part of its armed forces. It turned to Rwanda for support and formed an alliance with the Rwandan-backed RCD-Goma after being excluded by the RCD-ML and the MLC from the Mambasa ceasefire talks in December 2002. Having turned from Uganda politically, the UPC was ousted from Bunia by the Ugandan army in March 2003 but fought its way back into town in May.

    FIPI: Front for Integration and Peace in Ituri (platform of three ethnic-based parties)

    Current Leader: A coalition of three leaders of PUSIC, FNI and FPDC
    Created in December 2002 with Ugandan support, the three ethnically-based political parties shared the objective of getting rid of the UPC. Otherwise FIPI has no apparent program. The group includes Hema dissatisfied with the UPC, Lendu, and Alur, each with its own political party (see below). After the UPC was forced from Bunia, the parties began squabbling and the coalition appears to have collapsed.

    PUSIC: Party for Unity and Safeguarding of the Integrity of Congo (Hema dissatisfied with the UPC)Current Leader: Chief Kahwa Mandro

    Former UPC member Chief Kahwa created PUSIC in early February 2003. Most members appear to be Hema from the south. Uganda supports the party as part of the FIPI coalition. Chief Kahwa was backed briefly by the Rwandans when he was in the UPC, but claims that PUSIC currently has no such support and is more interested in working with Kinshasa. PUSIC may have allied with the UPC against the Lendu in Bunia in May 2003; if so, this alliance of convenience would be tenuous and probably short-lived. PUSIC appears to have continued close links with Ugandan authorities.

    __FPDC: Popular Force for Democracy in Congo (Alur and Lugbara political party)
    Current Leader: Thomas Unen Chen, a former member of the Zairian parliament__

    FPDC was created in late 2002 mostly by Alur and Lugbara from the Aru and Mahagi area, north Ituri, to counter the UPC. Recently it started to recruit and train its own militias. Although professedly interested in dialogue, it is prepared to fight if dialogue fails. It has been supported by Uganda as part of the FIPI coalition and appears to have close ties with former Ugandan army Col. Peter Karim, an Alur from Uganda.

    FNI: Front for National Integration (Lendu political party)
    Current Leader: Floribert Njabu Ngabu

    Lendu intellectuals and traditional chiefs established FNI but the party claims broad support by the Lendu community in its effort to oppose the UPC. Lendu militias are reportedly being organised under the military wing of this party, which some equate with the FRPI (see below). Supported by Uganda as part of the FIPI coalition, it joined the Ugandan army in driving the UPC from Bunia on March 6, 2003, for which some its members were publicly thanked by Brigadier Kayihura in April. FNI has also benefited from military training and support from the RCD-ML and, through it, from Kinshasa.

    FRPI: Patriotic Force of Resistance in Ituri (Ngiti political party)
    Current Leader: Dr Adirodo.

    Launched in November 2002 the Ngiti party FRPI is said to be closely linked to the Lendu FNI. It is meant to bring together Ngiti militias with traditional leaders in a single force against the UPC. Based in Beni and said to number 9,000 combatants, the FRPI has close ties to the RCD-ML from which it receives both military training and arms. It claims to have a large fighting force and many see it as the army of the FNI. It joined the Ugandans in driving the UPC from Bunia in March 2003 and together with the FNI briefly controlled Bunia in May 2003.

    FAPC: People's Armed Forces of Congo (mixed)
    Current Leader: Commander Jerome Kakawave Bakonde

    Commander Jerome, based in Aru and Mahagi, established FAPC in March 2003. Jerome has changed allegiances several times, moving from the RCD-ML, to the RCD-N, to the UPC and to the Ugandans but he has more or less stayed in the area of Aru. His group recently obtained support from the Ugandans who attempted to put Commander Jerome in charge of a mixed security apparatus in Bunia just prior to the start of their withdrawal. Other parties objected and Commander Jerome returned to his home at Aru.74 A mutiny occurred in his ranks in May 2003 which was allegedly put down with Ugandan support.75 Jerome is reportedly a Banyarwanda from North Kivu.

    The actions of the Hema Chief Kahwa Mandro illustrate the readiness of local actors to change allegiances. Initially supported by Uganda, Chief Kahwa and some other Hema noticed a decline in this backing and decided that the Ugandan Army was not doing enough to protect them against the Lendu. Chief Kahwa Mandro explained to Human Rights Watch researchers:

    In August 2000, I was fighting the Lendu in Ituri. But I was accused of being with the Rwandans and the Ugandan rebels, the ADF, so the Ugandans also started to fight with me. I decided I should go and talk to President Museveni which I did in August. He decided that my cause was noble. Our group came for training to Uganda on August 28, 2000. I was in Uganda for 6 months at Kyakwanzi training camp where 705 of us were trained.

    After Sun City the Lendu started to be armed by Mbusa RCD-ML and so we decided we had to get rid of him. Then Lubanga was arrested by the Ugandans. We didn't understand this. I stayed in Bunia while Governor Molondo planned a genocide against us.76 I started training about 3,000 fighters in Mandro with the financial help of the Hema community. We collected guns from small attacks. We had been negotiating with Uganda for three years and they had been responsible for so many deaths. No one was aware of our problem. In June 2002 I decided to go to Rwanda to find help for our defense. They had lived through a genocide so they knew what it was like. They understood me and provided us with weapons and logistics. I discussed the situation with James Kabarebe.

    Initially this support was good and I thought Rwanda understood my situation, but they profited from it to create another situation. They wanted Ituri to be their rear base to attack Uganda. They continue to send arms including missiles and ammunition for tanks when we don't even have tanks. They are even sending troops. They are recruiting young soldiers and putting fear into them. They come in with small planes to airstrips like Mongbwalu, Aru, Boga and Bule. I know they do this as I used to go myself on small planes from Kigali to Ituri.77

    After becoming disillusioned with Rwandan support and the policy direction of Lubanga's UPC, Chief Kahwa felt threatened. He separated from Lubanga's group and re-established links with the Ugandans. He continued:

    I was on the list of people to be eliminated by the UPC. When Museveni found out about this, he sent a plane to come and get me. He encouraged me to talk to the Lendu in Kpandruma so we could stop fighting. I started a political party, PUSIC, and then became part of the FIPI coalition which wants peace in Ituri and includes Lendu plus others. I talked to President Kabila in Dar es Salaam where I told him he must stop supporting the Lendu. They were killing us. He understood.

    I am going to attack Bunia again and will take it, even if I die. The Ugandan army is informed of our plans but I don't count on them for help.78

    Assistance from external actors may prompt dissidents in a group to hive off and form their own organization, as Chief Kahwa did. However, external actors can also promote coalitions, including those across ethnic lines, like the FIPI group which included Hema, Lendu, and Alur political groups.

    The increase in the number of combatant groups in and around Bunia has been matched by increased flow of arms to Ituri as outside actors attempt to ensure victory for their local allies. This greater availability of arms contributed to more casualties in Ituri including civilians.79 In addition to being better armed than in the past, Hema, Lendu, and Ngiti militia groups also appear to be better organized and trained and to function with a more structured military hierarchy.

    The Hema - Lendu Conflict

    The Hema are pastoralists and the Lendu agriculturalists, but historically there was a high degree of co-existence between the two groups and intermarriage was common. Belgian colonial rule accentuated ethnic divisions between the two communities, however, by trying to reorganize traditional chieftaincies into more homogeneous groups and by favoring the Hema over the Lendu. Even after independence in 1960, the Hema continued as the administrative, landowning, and business elite. When the territory of Kibali-Ituri? was created in 1962, for example, no Lendu obtained key positions in the administration. President Sese Sokoto Mobutu confirmed the Hema in management positions in the farming, mining, and local administrative sectors as part of his "Zairiaisation" policy. Hema and Lendu fought small battles over land and fishing rights on several occasions after independence, but in general customary arbitration, backed by the state, contained the incidents.80

    At no point in the documented history of Ituri has the violence attained the levels seen since 1999. The broader war in Congo has undoubtedly sparked the greater violence of the current conflict.

    This conflict began in June 1999 when a small number of Hema allegedly attempted to bribe local authorities into modifying land ownership registers in their favor in the area of Walendu Pitsu, part of the Djugu district of Ituri. They reportedly used the false papers to evict Lendu inhabitants from the land, or so some local Lendu believed. These Lendu decided to retaliate. In the absence of a strong local authority, the incident quickly turned into a confrontation between the two communities.

    Ugandan interference aggravated the situation. Brig. Gen. James Kazini, then in charge of the Ugandan army in DRC, named Adele Lotsove Mugisa, a Hema, Provisional Governor of the districts of Ituri and Haut Uele81, formerly part of Orientale Province.82 Although the proposal to create such a unit had been backed by some politicians in the area, it was the decree of the Ugandan general that altered administrative boundaries, effectively creating a new "province." In his letter setting up the new post of governor, General Kazini gave full assurances of Ugandan support for the endeavor.83 This important decision, coinciding with the local land dispute, created the impression that the Ugandan army was siding with the Hema landholders.

    By 2003 the original dispute had expanded in numbers of people and area touched by the violence. Groups like the Nande, Bira, and Alur previously not associated with either of the contenders have now been forced to choose sides.

    Free Uganda