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Free Uganda Congratulates President Jimmy Michael Akena

Virunga Mountains

On behalf of Free Uganda Political organisation, we would like to  take this moment and congratulate, President Jimmy Michael Akena for his new role, as the New leader of the Uganda people's Congress (UPC).


A total of 479 delegates voted for Hon.Jimmy Akena, the son of UPC founding father, Dr Milton Obote, to be approved as the party president.

He was subsequently sworn-in and handed instruments of power to begin exercising full authority as the party president.

At last UPC has a  leader who understands business. Congratulations on your well-deserved and long-overdue victory. You will be a breath of fresh air for the people of this country. May you be successful in fulfilling your campaign promises.

We at Free Uganda, consider Uganda People's Congress a nationalistic political party and pro-Uganda, that has showed maturity by using Articles 13. 2 (5) and 13. 2 (4) of the party constitution to approve the party leader.

It is under those articles that they have decided to endorse Hon. Jimmy Michael Akena for presidency and thereafter handed him all instruments of power.

We would also like to use this opportunity to advise the new leadership on the following:

  • Negative media coverage by the likes of Monitor, etc. will become a new gospel; ignore them and their commentators as they don't represent the population, but an elitist vocal Mandazi group.
  • State moles and other viruses might make the work of President Jimmy Akena impossible: this should not be a problem as every organisation tends to have moles-the best is to use a popular internal vote to defeat them.
  • The Buganda -South question: this is a very weak propaganda tool for the usual suspects, as President Jimmy Akena happens to be a Muganda himself, and the Uganda People's Congress built and developed Buganda more than any organisation in Uganda's history.

Yours in Solidarity,

Dr Adam Mulumba

Chief of Staff, Free Uganda

Free Uganda

Free Uganda

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